Monday, March 28, 2011


I have to admit, I am utterly stumped.

Utterly.  Cannot come up with a thing to say.  SUPER boring of me today.

Having logged about 4 hours of Catalan study today....well, I guess that leaves a girl with little to say.

Then again I wonder if the creativity is outleting in other places, in painting, at work where I am waist deep in curricular creation in an online setting.  Is there a limit to creativity?  Why should there be?

Is there a limit to loving?  Loving your kids is different than loving your folks, or your spouse or your work, no?  Wouldn't those different forms of creativity look different too? But is there a limit to how much creativity you can put out there?

Creative things I am doing now:

  • parenting
  • learning (self-creation and yes it COUNTS!)
  • creating online courses - architecture and content
  • blog writing (though a wee bit uninspired today)
  • cooking (though not to much lately as the man has taken over a lot of those duties lately)
  • Drawing
  • then there was the whole creative process that went into the house.
Is it not so much a question of limits to creativity as attention to mediums?



Here it is, what are you creating?


Joy said...

I am creating a wall hanging and draperies and bedding to decorate my kids' room. We are also planning/developing the basement (as in put in all interior walls and bedrooms and bathroom and laundry room), and new flooring throughout the house (up & down), and painting the interior walls. Also, have to replace the front deck/steps, and build in more cubicle gardening places in the yard.

Also, lots of advocacy for the growth of the French Immersion program here in town. Much energy is required here, and just designed/developed new local brochure for the program.

So, lots of creating, all at once, but it will take a while before we can a snap a photo and say HERE. It's finished!

So, I guess I shouldn't wonder why I have no energy left for my poor, wee blog, when I sit down to it and stare blankly at the screen. ;)

Nomad said...

hmm...lets see..

A large soft sculpture about the physical beauty of the human internality we never get to see but goes with us everywhere...GUTS.

10 pet/lawn ornaments sized "Mysterious Object" sculptures that are brightly coloured like garden knomes, are covered in velvet fuzz ...but look suspiciously like toys, rabbits or body parts...(I LOVE them!!) and beg to be touched...

An Essay about the meaning to be found in Anish Kapoor's reflective sculpture on Chicago's water front park called Cloud Gate...House Temple or Tomb?

A "Zine" design - content and editorial project to be designed produced photographed and written by me.


Oh Yeah, an Installation drawing project that will cover an entire wall and will be about the City of Paris,

A series of paintings concerning grids...


...anything else??


J.G. said...

Sad to say, if our life is our work of art, that I'm creating something that doesn't look very much like what I'd like to be creating . . .

Thanks for the blog idea, though! I am stumped today, too.

Tya said...

creating sickness...going to the doctor today :(

Mother Theresa said...

I am trying to create posts about my trip that won't bore people to death...easier said than done. Catalan looks tricky. I was able to decipher some while in Barcelona, thanks to knowing Spanish and a bit of French, but still there's a lot of vocabulary that I don't know. But I did manage to watch the news and understand what was going on...more or less. Good luck on all your endeavors. I think you may need to create more hours in the day to get it all done. :D

thecatalanway said...

I think you are very creative - sometimes words are not on the top layer because so much is happening on other levels. I do find it inspiring to read about your life and your art and in a funny way I am also creative as I imagine out the rest of you - the clues we get from each others blogs - our imaginations do the rest. I wonder how much we will look like our creations when one day we may possibly meet?
Otherwise - today all I was creating was a fuss because I don't much like being a stepmother to an adolescent and I am not good at it and it brings out the evil witch in me! Ah well - MUST study Catalan now. K x

oreneta said...

Oh my goodness, I am overwhelmed!!!

Joy, that's a WHOLE lot of creating going on...good luck on it all! inspire me, but I think the man would cry if I started on mural sized pieces....

JG...ohhhh...hope that's just a bad day, your blog seemed to put a little different spin on it.

Tya...BLECH! Get better soon, time to create white blood cells, no?

Mother T, got that one in the basket anyway!

Kate...glad I could help. Step-parenting teens has got to be one of the toughest things going.....