Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It is such a constant balancing act.  No?

Those pesky chores, getting enough sleep, eating.
Then work.
Then I want to draw every day
Blog every day
Paint every day
I am taking Catalan classes
Spanish classes
I should exercise more
Get back to running (around and around in circles on a blinking track in honour of my d*mn butt)
Be a spouse
Be a friend
Finish the house
Find that funky smell in my painting space...I suspect the washing machine
A kagillion little things
Grade (oh how I HATE grading)
Prep Summer 2011 in Toronto (OMG it has arrived again!  The hassle part, not the fun part)

Mostly though, read, blog, draw, paint, study and run.

The parent thing and the wife thing I don't have trouble finding time for.  The drawing falls by the wayside easily, the running I am going to have to commit to.  Have to.

Then there are these courses..

OMG, I am so utterly unreasonable about the time I have.  No wonder I've had back to back colds for three weeks and no voice for two.  My mother always used to say to me that my eye are bigger than my stomach.  I think they are bigger than my day now.

Honestly, when will I learn.


swenglishexpat said...

I have always wondered how the whatsit you manage to do all the things you do, and now you confuse me even more! Do you sleep at all? Not really, I guess. You probably beat Mrs Thatcher for the need of little sleep. I feel lazy just reflecting on it! ;-)

Helen said...

Sorry to say it seems to get worse as you get older, and time goes even quicker.

Anonymous said...

At least you have a short break from the parent bit. I hope that helps.
Sea Dog

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

There is just so much darn fun to have in our multi dimensional lives that it 's hard to know when to say quit. I, too, take on more than I can handle, then beat myself up about where I end up falling short. I think that as long as your closest relationships are being cared for, then you have your priorities set.

Anonymous said...

I HEAR YOU!!! (propping eyelids open)

oh my dear I can SO relate..I always figured I could sleep when I was dead...but enough already!

I always felt that if I was not on full throttle it would be so boring, you know those who have no passions and no great obsessing painting, blogging, and drawing, running and loving... instead - up at 8, bed at 9, a little work and TV in between but not really anymore, maybe a leisurely lunch w a friend...
instead if lurching around with a tepid coffee bcz even tho you want it is seems even too much time to take a moment to enjoy it...with drooping eyelids bcz bedtime has become well after 1 most nights, and a to do list always several days longer than what you have....

In the end I think it is a luxury problem to have, all the means and ideas, strength to focus on all this greatness, as opposed to war, famine, disease, basic survival...I mean I never really thought about it...

It just would not be fun another way...




Mother Theresa said...

You need 10 more hours a day to fit all that in...or a device that pauses time. Tricky, tricky. It is no wonder you've had so many colds, something has to give somewhere.

oreneta said...

Swenglishexpat, honestly, I get about 7 hours most night...not that bad though I could do with more.

Helen, well, at least forewarned is forearmed.

Seadog, True! It is q.u.i.e.t around here.

Bodhi, ain't that the truth, care for the nearest and dearest and then let it rip.

Nomad...I knew you would get it. And you are so right, it get's dull if it isn't challenging. Go big or go home, no?

Mother T, wouldn't that be sweet...a time stretcher. Hope someone comes up with that one!

J.G. said...

Ugh, me, too! Always too few hours in the day for everything. Lately I've been saying "no" more, which creates some space for the priority things.

Nomad is right, though: I should be grateful the basic survival tasks are secure enough that I can take them for granted.

oreneta said...

No is a good word. I like using it. I just am not quite so good at using it for myself. One thing I have discovered about myself over time is that I really like the steep part of the learning curve. Really like it. And YES! Nomad is indeed, as usual, very right. Basic survival is taken care of, and it is a luxery to be able to do what we can do. Absolutely.

kate said...

The eternal problem... so much to do, so little time! And with the Internet, there is always something new to read, something you just found out about and want to try, etc etc etc.

oreneta said...

Kate, you leave me utterly in the dust for having no time, full time work, three small kids and these exams and courses? I have NO idea how you do it all. Determination I imagine plays a large part in it all.