Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whew, today would be a good day for an easy gift post

Know why?  It is WAY too late and I am still up and running around.  Only 1:20 and I still have one more thing to do.....AUGH!!!!

Stream of consciousness for today.  Got woken up early by the girls squabbling, not the best start to a day, but it meant I made it out to walk the dog with the man in the mountains, which was a very good thing indeed.  I am so much happier an individual if I get some mountain time, and time with the man and exercise, so much the better if it all happens at once.  I have to add that there is nothing quite like the utter joy of a dog to smack a big fat smile on your face.

work work work, but it was one of those super productive days, and that's a very good thing indeed.

If one must be in there, better to get a lot of stuff done, no?

Spanish class.  Goodness the man and I are different. He has a relatively high level and can whip out all manner of complex grammar at the drop of a hat, but ask him to do something simple with a grammatical name and he's scuppered.  SCUPPERED.  I on the other hand can barely string a sentence together but hand me some odd grammatical bit of wizardry, and I am home FREE!

Useless from a social perspective, but a whiz at the books.

Youngest is begging me for a less demanding English course for next year, I am thinking that that would be a very good idea, she's got a biggish year next year and this is a seriously demanding course.  She is doing a LOT of writing, which is great, but still.......

What else, the only downer these days with the catch up on the chores and keeping my head above water is that my reading time is dropping.  Not too happy about that, but I guess an hour and a half of Catalan homework a day, plus a MASS of marking to do at work is taking a toll.

OK.  I could dribble onwards for far too long, off to paint.  Fortunately it is not a challenging section or I'd have to bail.



Hula Girl at Heart said...

Too much "busy" in your life, too? It sounds as if your days are extremely full right now.

thecatalanway said...

I can't believe all that you do every day! Here I am on sort of holiday and I still can't manage HALF AN HOUR of Catalan homework. I think I am just lazy.
I like reading too much to put down the book. I like walking the dogs around the garden too much to come inside and settle down to some studying.
We are trying to keep talking in Catlana and Castellano every day but now I am here the English dominant chip takes over completely.
So, good on you! I am impressed and I will do better. K x

oreneta said...

Doing head bobs at 10:30, a sure sign you've got too much going on at once.