Thursday, March 3, 2011

update on the gas AKA the story without end

Well, the guys came yesterday morning.  Two construction guys, the contractor, the plumber/electrician and for a short while, the architect.

They drilled a ruddy great hole throught the more than a meter thick wall in the back of the house to put in a vent.  They changed some parts on some of the gas tubing and they installed some kind of emergency pressure release to the system also they replaced a fitting on the back of the stove that wasn't correct. Whatever.

They did not do some of the things that the man is sure the inspector wanted done, cause he didn't write them on the sheet.  As in, what he told the man had to be done and what he wrote on the form don't match.

Fun WOW!

So, the call went into the inspector that the work has been done, the man has spent hours cleaning filth from every surface of the downstairs, and we are waiting for the inspector guy to show up.  The man and I have some considerable qualms that it is, once again, not going to pass inspection.....and the show will go on.

There is another saga that I haven't gone on about too much.  In our bathroom there is a shower, the shower is built up a couple of steps as it is over the stairwell and so needs some kind of a system to keep us from falling out of the shower.  The architect was more than firm that it had to be some kind of glass wall.  I was thinking a railing and curtain, but that got a big fat no.  OK, so a glass wall.  SEVERAL months later, it was installed, that would be about 3 weeks ago.  I was not, shall we say, happy with it.  For many reasons, aesthetic, construction and installation and strength.

I didn't go to the meeting yesterday, instead I went out to lunch with a friend whose birthday it was.  She had taken the morning off work to celebrate and so I wasn't going to bail.  The only problem is that after the meeting the response was basically, take what we've got, or just use a curtain, as in die some day when you fall out of the shower.  Nothing else is an option.  No other glass wall, no railing, nothing.

Um.  Not.

A slightly shirty email was sent to the construction guy by me last night.  It was considerably less cranky than I felt, and I got a rather cryptic, and I think rude, reply.  I will have to get someone to read it and tell me what they think.  I am not sure if I should be offended or not, but I think I am.  I have to check it and see.  Ho hum.

Someday, this all may end.



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Interesting aspect to your life, translating insults from the Catalan workers. Almost better that you take a moment to think if you have, in fact, been insulted. It gives it that slightly removed option. Love the painting of the asparagus spear which, I think , just passed my vision in your canvas a day project.

J.G. said...

Oh boy, hope the inspection works out for you. (Not to mention the shower and the possible insults!) The devil's in the details, huh?

oreneta said...

Turns out it was, ah, impolite. Ho hum. I am debating simply getting even! HEhehehehe. It is nice to not understand the rudeness entirely, makes it all much easier. Less emotionally involved.

Glad you like the painting! We may go hunting again tomorrow, sadly without Chuck as he's hurt a leg.

JG, Tue the crowd reassembles for the shower stall debacle. Who heard of needing an architect for a glass wall to a shower, seems we do though. I thought it was God that was in the details, no?

Juana said...

I am sorry. Did you say you can fall out of your shower and they insisted on a GLASS wall? This ordeal of yours is insane!lol!! I wish I spoke Catalan, so I could translate for you...and give you some ideas as what to say back, but I don't. Only Spanish and English.
Good luck with the inspection. It may not pass but at least after so many hours of cleaning it looks good, right?
Loved this post. Thank made me smile while reading it.

elpadawan said...

Wouldn't life be more simple if people did as they were told? :)

oreneta said...

Juana, glad someone got something good out of it! I'll have to take a photo of the shower, so you can all see what I mean. It is a wild ride!

ElP, SOOOOOO true. Honestly. Moreso if they just did their jobs. Know what I mean?