Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Social Networking, gone NUTS

I have:

6 email addresses.
A twitter account.
A Flickr account.
2 blogs (one's a back-up)
3 google docs accounts (only one is active)
An account on a writing site
3 Picasa accounts
and now
2 facebook accounts.  One personal and one for work.
Then there are bank accounts, cell phone accounts, blah blah blah.....don't want to count those.
1 (thank goodness) feed reader account
There must be more, I just can't think of it.

Does this not seem stupid?

6 email addresses?  WHO NEEDS THAT??!?!?!

They breed like plastic cards used to. To get a flickr account, you need to get an account with Yahoo, there's an email address, then there are work email, old email adressess and a blog email address- I think I could delete that old one.  One from the school I am attending on-line...like I need another email address, unsolicited.

Honest to goodness.

Wait though, I can't be the only one, count 'em up folks and let me know, m'kay?


lillian said...

You're the only one :-)
haha at least you don't have Myspace and Hi5.. well. I deleted those accounts a while back.. phew :-)

J.G. said...

Love the new header photo!

Let's see:
2 work e-mails, 1 blog e-mail, 2 personal e-mails, 1 obsolete student e-mail, 1 blog, and lots of "accounts": Ebay, Etsy, PaperBackSwap, insurance, MLB radio, student loan, etc.

This is already too many for me, hence you will *never* find me on Facebook or Twitter.

thecatalanway said...

Me too!
4 emails - actually 5 if I count the one i opened for the dogs so their friends could write to them:)
Facebook,Flickr,Picasso ( don't know the difference between them really but I had to have one for the blog)
Twitter but I can't cope with that so ignore it
4 blogs - 2 I started ages ago but never wrote much, my normal one and another about life with an adolescent that is so 'anonymous' that I have never told anyone about it and noone ever reads it!
My bigger worry at the moment is too many bank cards.
I sometimes lay them all out and try to think which ones I can get rid of. But living in Catalunya has meant they have multiplied. My normal UK bank for bills and payments, my other UK bank which charges less for withdrawals in Spain, two ones that you can fill up in advance with euros and one of them means Ryanair charges less for buying tickets with it(Visa Electron). The Spanish bank account. The bank account that is linked to the internet account and so on and so on...I want to return to cash under the mattress except we have an adolescent in the house who sometimes pilfers....K x

Anonymous said...

if only OpenId was mainstream.

I think I am above the 6 email addresses. Easy peasy (let's see, there's the one for the alumni, there's the personal gmail, there's the one for replying to job offers, the one from work, the one for the blog, my "old" ones that used my first nicknames on AOL and yahoo but that I stopped using because they were not convenient to communicate, the one for MSN, the one from the ISP...). I have a dormant twitter account, 2 facebook accounts as well, 1 linkedIn and 1 viadeo, and 1 internations account. 2 flickr accounts (one got created from my old yahoo email), 2 picasa accounts (not really using them anymore, but pictures are still on it), 1 google reader. then there's the online banking identifiers (three at the moment, two in France (regular bank + amex), one in Czech Republic). At one point, while living in Canada, I had a total of 7 banking identifiers (I was at two banks in canada, each having given me a credit card, plus the aeroplan amex, then the French bank and the French AMEX).
Of course, each website would have their own security schemes and password policy, forcing you to remember by heart all the identifiers and passwords for *each* separately.
Feel better now?

Anonymous said...

oooooh and I forgot the email address I created for a school project that went "public", and for the financial section, the paypal account (although fortunately not linked to a new email account). For the social networking, I also opened one on diasp.eu (a server for "Diaspora*", still in beta, aiming at replace facebook by giving users control over their privacy again).

Basically, aside from my work email address, all the others are agregated in my Thunderbird email client. It works.

oreneta said...

Lillian! A big fat RAAAASBEEEERY TO YOU!!!!! ;p

The rest of you all, thanks for commiserating, I thought you'd have a lot of the ElP, what with your work and travel......deadly combination for these things

They thunderbird email, that agregates everything, that would mean I would need another account, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

about Thunderbird: no. It's an email client, like Evolution, Outlook and Outlook Express (among others). So basically, I tell the little guy all the info of all my email accounts, and it gathers everything through POP or IMAP, without me having to log in to all the web interfaces. Also, I can decide whether I want everything on a "single merged inbox" or in separate different folders, with one inbox for each account.
Of course, it also lets me send emails as any of the email address I declared in it.
You should give it a try some day ;)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yah, I can see how this can snowball. I have 3 emails, one for work only that I only see when I go there. The other two are dedicated : 1 for family and close, close friends and 2 for general stuff like blog feeds and accumulated spam-like stuff. I think it's just a sign of our material and computer-related lifestyle.

oreneta said...

ElP...that sounds FANTASTIC! I forward email to my principle mailbox, but end up accidentally replying from the wrong box on occasion, which I don't like. Going there NOW!

Bodhi...indeed....only three is not too bad! I'd love to get it down to one, or two at the most.....