Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baguettes and X-rays.

I made a tactical error this morning while I was walking the dog. I stopped and bought the baguette that I would need for the kid's snack half way through the walk. Now, to get the impact of this, you have to realise that our amazing fly dog is also a passionate starch lover, preferably white crusty when I emerged carrying the baguette wrapped in a small piece of paper about it's middle, he was, shall we say, excited.

We managed this with a bit of dancing and went off to an area where I could let him run around without the leash. No problem here either, until I went to put the leash back on. This is a two handed operation so I did what is absolutely standard practice and tucked the baguette in my armpit. This left my arms free, but every time I bent over to put on the leash, the end of the baguette projecting forward from my body was waving directly in Chuckbacha's face...much to his excitement. I eventually got he leash on and though the baguette broke in half it was otherwise un-chewed or slobbered upon and remained fully edible, if battered.

Never again.

When I got home, eldest got up and was once again in considerable abdominal pain. Florence Nightingale here took her off to the doctor in a moderately good humour, sort of, and the doctor sent us to the neighbouring town for an x-ray. Seemed a strange choice for a soft tissue issue, but it did rule out things like kidney stones I suppose, but given where the pain is, we were fairly confident on that front anyway.

We hand that in tomorrow along with a battery of samples. Suffering eldest is at school this afternoon, and I have to sing the almighty praises for the ladies I work for. I went in to tell them that I may not be able to teach my 3pm class because of this...the nature of waiting rooms and the one hour bus ride each way being the potential spoiler....the darling of them gave us a lift, and stayed with us throughout and talked to them all. She speaks no English but we can communicate. She has the skill of slowing down her speech and making herself understood. Plus, she's a local, so she knew which lines we needed to get in, and which not, she could talk to the nurses and receptionists and get it all done without a fuss. It was a million times easier than it would have otherwise been.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I am still strangely tired and lethargic, I think a nap is in order. Though as I type this I recall that I had a series of nightmares last night....I think the tension around returning to TO is making it's presence felt.


Beth said...

Oh, I hope Eldest gets better....what could it be?

And chuck is a hoot!!! I'm a carb lover too!

Beth said...

Hope your eldest is better soon - awful for her and awful to have this happening so close to your trip to Toronto.
And as for you - "tired and lethargic" - get better (rested) pronto!

oreneta said...

Beth and Beth: Chuck is hilarious, hopefully the new antibiotic that we have arranged will help her...I now have a cold and youngest a stomach virus. Yee gawds...