Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sailing and strawberries

I went RACING today! I can't believe how much I love sailing. I was all tired out and almost didn't want to go, and then I walked down to the dock and I was so fundamentally happy it amazed me. I just love it.

We had a blast, the crew work went well and we had no major mishaps...which I am delighted with, I have a position on the boat that leaves you open to particularly obvious errors and I was pleased to not have made any major gaffs, some things could have been smoother and one hoist could have been faster, but overall it was fun. We didn't exactly set the world on fire, my Dad said that, "we made it possible for the winners." Which was a good way of looking at it, although we didn't come last either. Sort of lower middle class. A ton of fun, and I get to do it again tomorrow. I'll sleep in September in Spain. Honestly.

The girls went with my Mom to pick strawberries and raspberries and we now have the most outrageous volume of them...and we've given quite a lot away and eaten quite a bit as well. Then they took us out for dinner. How good is that?

A lovely day and great to get out and do something fun. The man is going sailing tomorrow in Spain. Apparently he will be rail meat, as in he won't have a job. Did I write that in the last post? I don't know. It'll be nice for him to get out on the water though.

The tenants have, for better or for worse, apparently left the house. I am going to go over in the morning and check it out. Cross your fingers for me that everything is fine. I hope it will be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,are you in the C&C owners regatta??well Joel and Michael are servicing the fleet in Quantums motor boat, just if any of the boats have any problems with the sails,good luck,say hello to Javier.A hug,Jose

Beth said...

Oreneta...your pictures are just the BEST!! And those!!!

oreneta said...

Jose: Yeah, we were in the C&C owner's was a lot of fun, we were out on a 27. I saw the Quantum boat, but they didn't come over close enough for a wave...we didn't have QUantum sails I guess.

Beth: Well, thanks. The strawberries are excellent, that was just one basket!!!

Anonymous said...

thats such a cute squirell - youngest