Monday, June 18, 2007


Take a good close look at that candy. One of the women I work with had that and I lifted it off her and took it home just to show all of you. What am I supposed to do with that thing? I mean really? It does have an impressive level of detail for a candy, that guy has an impressive expression of contentment on his face. My oh my.

He was cherry flavoured.

Here is another odd thing about here. They are paranoid about mosquitoes, you can buy three or four different types of meds to take or apply to avoid them, and there are bead curtains for over the doors, there are several different approaches for dogs, but you cannot buy mosquito screen at the local hardware store and no one has a screen door. Now why not? Does that not strike you as an elementary first step in the battle against mosquitoes? Rather than ingesting I know not what chemicals?

Very strange.

I am thrilled to report that the man remains and is completely well, so is youngest and eldest reported that she hasn't had a stomach ache all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hallelujah!!!!!!

I however still have a sore throat, but that's frankly small beans.

I broke down and made the list today, I am without a doubt a list girl...and I was doing alright on the calendar I have, but now the list has gotten to the stage where there are a series of disjointed items, all of which are necessary, but they don't hang together so they aren't easy to remember. It is impressively short though. This isn't half so bad as a trip either way to the boat, or coming here for that matter. My only question is if I can fit it all in the suitcase. We are only taking one for the three of us, and knapsacks each. I think the girl's back-packs will be nearly empty, but eldest is (as usual) fighting me on that. She always wants to bring more. I have to remind her this evening that the more things we have in the bags, the fewer children's books we can bring back. That ought to work. Books, or the third pair of winter weight pants.

The dog is, as expected, proving to be a hassle, but manageable so far. I am a little worried about the whole thing honestly, but it should be alright. My biggest problem so far is that I am having trouble contacting the airlines to reconfirm about him and it is SO painfully time-consuming. Erg.

I took the dog to the vet for his passport and check-up, and the girls to the doctor for theirs. No surprises anywhere and we have an appointment at the optometrists for September, the day after we get back...Yee gawds. I will have forgotten all Catalan and the Doc is sure to speak only Castillian and I will be once again horrifically jet-lagged and trying to function. Gurk. Maybe I should study Spanish this summer....which reminded me to bring the Spanish language CD's and book...I just went and did that. I can listen in the car and study...well, in my sleep, I'll put my book under the pillow. That really should work don't you think?

I have my last meeting with my Catalan language buddy today and then I DON'T work tonight so I can run more of the errands, and then....SLEEP. No. Pack then sleep.


Beth said...

um, is that piece of candy holding his Jim Dog??!!!!

Beth said...

Intersting candy - as is Beth's expression "Jim Dog!"

Glad everyone is feeling better - except for you, of course.

Dogs have passports???

And the list thing is GOOD. Makes things appear manageable.

Nomad said...

Oohhh my goodness , indeed it IS all approachig with lightening speed, you have my # no?

Love the Jim Dog...

Hope your trip is good, when do you fly?

Jet lag is a state of mind...(I think...) but just try to tell my kids that...

My mom always wanders around looking at her watch which she has left on the old time moaning about how mny hours it has been since she has slept...

That can't help can it?

Have a great trip and can't wait to see you all!!

Dorky Dad said...

That's some pretty detailed candy analysis. I usually just shove the things in my mouth. I'm glad everybody is feeling better.

oreneta said...

Beth: Yes indeedy, that would be his Jim Dog...brings up all sorts of lewd questions in my mind, as does the cherry flavour.

Beth: Dogs have passports...very official looking, although there is no photo...hold still, don't smile......

Nomad: Great to talk last night, I fly tomorrow so no post most likely....jet lag IS a state of mind...numb.
I won't have a chance to moan, the kids will be doing it for me.

DD: You couldn't just shove this in your mouth. Really. No man could.