Saturday, June 23, 2007

Work and uptight Canadians

Well folks, doing this from work. As I didn't take a lunch and it is Saturday and I look like I'll be here till at least seven pm, I feel no qualms.

Brought the dog in with me as well as the day is so long and he is still a bit squirrely from the trip...also there isn't another soul in the building which I find kind of uncomfortable, but safer with dogalicious along.

It is weird being here in some ways, I keep trying to say Hola to complete strangers on the street like Crocodile Dundee in New York. How foolish. I went walking with the dog this morning and discovered whole new areas in the neighbourhood that I had never seen before, this hidden playground. No street access, only footpaths.

I am repeatedly amazed by the size of the playgrounds and the streets and the sidewalks, and the trees. I am also surprised that I am finding so many differences. When we had come back from sailing in the past I don't remember seeing such differences, but we did not integrate as thoroughly with the people and the community there so that may be why.

Folks are uptight here too....crabby ticket collector in the subway, he was all offended because I gave him too much money for the tickets I wanted. I mean WTH, this is your job buddy, maybe you should get a little anger management work done there. The flight attendants on AC were pretty uneven too, one of them seemed to hate us all just for being there.

Then in the airport I made the grave error of letting the dog out of his crate. Ooops, I got told for that as well. They confiscated the brand new, unopened bag of dog food as well. Apparently the EU guidelines for cleanliness are not good enough. Anyone who remembers my comments on the North American food industry here you would understand my urge to shout the man down, but I let that ride too cause I just wanted to LEAVE.

Bought me a new hat as well, I managed to leave both of mine in Spain, and I quite like this too...I'll take a picture, but I don't know when I'll be able to post. I had better get back to work now.



Beth said...

You're working already!??
And experiencing culture shock...
You must find the pace here absolutely crazy after Spain.

oreneta said...

Beth: today is the third day back, though when I wrote the post it was only second. The pace is nuts, but I did expect isn't as bad as when we got off the boat, then it took me weeks to get up to speed. Weeks. It drove everyone else NUTS.

Dorky Dad said...

Yeah, those Canadians are just nuts, I tell you. Nuts.