Friday, June 15, 2007

House of the plague

What was the symbol they used to paint on the doors of plague victims? It must be coming here soon.

I didn't manage to post yesterday due to a convergence of work duties and illness. I will not go into the sordid details of my morning battle with the local medical systems more stupid procedures, but lets leave it that it was long and unpleasant.

Eldest continued to suffer her stomach ache all day, and as some of you may recall she had a very similar problem last I phoned my Dr in Toronto who is a DREAM, and who gave me the name of the bug that had been troubling her as well as the name of the anti-biotic we deployed successfully against it. Now to get the Dr here to issue a prescription.....

He was fine, and basically has no idea what the problem is....the lab results are not due back for , count 'em, eight days...YUP, so he caved to my desire for a drug that may solve our problem. I will add that we will be back in Canada by the time the results come back.

The pharmacy did not have the drug in yesterday, but should today...thank goodness. As an interesting aside, the pharmacy here is willing to sell you the drugs without a prescription...obviously nothing dangerous or addictive, but I could have been able to buy the anti-biotic without the prescription it just would have cost me the same as in Canada, as in the price of the drug, which from memory last year was about sixty bucks, while with the prescription it will probably cost me about two Euros...

Then last night as I was headed for my evening meeting at work, I had that ghastly moment when you realise that you are sick. Sore throat beginning. Shit.

Drank loads of water and came home at 9 and went straight to bed. To no avail, I have a much worse sore throat this morning. Youngest also woke us up by saying that she had the runs and felt yucky. About half an hour later she barfed.


I will add that today is the festa de Fi de Curs, the big graduation celebration for the entire school. It starts at 10 am with soccer and basketball games which continue until about 1. Then this evening there is a church service at five which we will skip, along with the soccer that we are so unwell, and then the girls were both supposed to get up on the stage at six with their buddies and sing and dance. Youngest's attendance is dubious at best. Damn it. At seven the jazz class will do a show, at seven thirty there is dancing for all. At 8:30 there is a dinner which we have tickets for followed by Karaoke going until midnight. I wonder how the kindergarten kids will hold out?
It is depressing enough to be sick, but to be sick on the day of a party, with another tomorrow and a third on Monday it is a real downer....she did this last fall for a friend's birthday party that they had postponed until we could be there, then she was sick for it. Poop.

We fly in six days.....

I went over to the pharmacy to pick up eldest's medicine, it cost a whopping .98 cents!!! Can you imagine!
The oral rehydration fluid I got for youngest however cost 8 Euros....turns out though that the doctor had only written that we needed 8 capsules for eldest, which is well below the 21 we need for 3 times a day for seven days...I went back in....I have a choice, I can either go back to the doctor again *gasp gnash* on Monday to get a new prescription, or I can just buy it without the prescription. With my heart in my mouth I asked how much it would cost without the prescription...2.20 Euros. Well goodness gracious me, I can manage that, so we've ordered them and I'll go back on Monday for the rest of the meds....


Beth said...

What a disaster - and how awful for all of you. Just what you don't need while preparing for your trip to Canada.
Use these six days to get better! Maybe no festivities?

I don't know how you're coping. (Oops - I forgot - you're a mother - it's what a mother does...sick or not.)

Joanne PL said...

so wierd - I also have a sore throat now (started yesterday) and Oscar has the most hiloarious whiskey and cigarettes voice although appears very happy and well and good humored.
Isn't it great how the drug subsidies work sometimes? I never have any idea how much I will pay for drugs here - very similar - sometimes 10 cents, sometimes 30 bucks - prescriptions definitely seem to help. Nice x-ray of eldest by the way.
Thanks for the photos - great - I will get it together and post ours soon.\Love you - hang in there.

Beth said...

That is the one thing that would scare me to death about moving/living in another country..ackkk!!! and how much is a euro anyway, for all us dumified folk?

oreneta said...

Beth: It has been a bit grim...lets hope it keeps lifting.

Joanne: Hmmm, where did we pick it up? We must have gotten it together.

Beth: After dealing with the American system, where I can at least speak the language, but which requires a new mortgage to get a wart removed, you wouldn't find it too bad....A Euro is about, very about on par with the US dollar...thought the dollar is sinking.