Tuesday, June 5, 2007



Is there anybody out there?

OK fellow bloggers, I know you all have lives to live and life can get busy, but I am starting to feel like the only one in a giant blog vacuum...every single blog I read, including ones that aren't listed here yet, are sittin' there. No updates for at least 4 days now. Ladies and gentlemen, I know they're your blogs, and you can do whatever you want and all (blah blah blah), but Puhlease...get writing....it's getting lonely out here!

Thank goodness folks are commenting here and talk to me about the whole thing, or I would think I was the only one that hasn't heard about the freeze tag game....

Moving right along....

I was in BCN again today, buying sheets and underwear. Life is fun and exciting all the time, eh? I didn't bring the camera and regretted it. There was one store I went by called, "Video BUM - Stop" Yup. I thought that was pretty amusing. There were others, but the sieve I use for a brain has not retained them at the moment...the buildings were gorgeous, and I picked up some more sailing books. Yahoo!

I also saw this chocolate bar...

Care for a toke?

On that note, I saw the teenage son of one of our neighbours smoking what looked suspiciously like weed, although it may have been a hand rolled cigarette. I think not though. This was in our local bar. His Dad walked in and joined him to have a coffee. He finished off his smoke quite companionably with his Dad. He didn't offer to share. I am not sure what was in that cigarette, but it was certainly interesting to watch.


Beth said...

How strange is that? Maybe Dad is into a little weed now and then too!

what freeze tag game? Am I missing something?

Helen said...

Unless they were Dutch where it is quite legal - and they doubtless find the rest of the world a bit odd too. However Wales is now a smoke free zone (England will be in July) and it is WONDERFUL!!! Cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, and PUBS - no cigaretttes - life sometimes is a pain for others but great for me.

Beth said...

Love the name of that chocolate bar.

If it actually "did the deed," what a hit/high you'd get - good for what ails ya!

kate said...

I never paid any attention to that candy bar, until one day I heard some British people sniggering about that and HornyMan's (um, I mean Hornimann's) tea...

And I updated my blog yesterday-- want to post some bird pictures?

Beth said...

Came back to re-read your post - the "Hellooo" bit.
You say that "every single blog I read...is sittin' there."
You and I generally read one another's blogs daily - and are on each other's blog lists.
I have posted/updated lately. I'm going out on a limb here - either you're no longer reading my blog or something's wrong with Blogger or your computer or something??

traveller one said...

That'll teach you to ALWAYS bring your camera along! hee hee!
I'm always reading you... and wishing we were neighbours!

oreneta said...

Beth: ya never know with other people's families... my computer got lost in time...there was no freeze tag, I was the only one frozen.

Helen: I am looking forward to that aspect of Canada anyway...no more smoke!

Beth: You wouldn't need to bother making hash brownies anymore that's for sure..

Kate: here are some sort of bird pictures...and I missed the Horny man's tea!!LOL

Beth again: Thank you very much...it was my computer. The heads up helped immensely.

Kim: Well, thank you very much, and Happy Birthday to your pup! We'll just have to meet up somewhere some time.