Thursday, June 28, 2007


Last night we went to High Park with my kids and the folks upstair's kid and the dog. We went to watch little league! Yup, another friend's boys were playing, and they did very hit a double, and the other got two home runs.

It was a lovely evening, we had a picnic and hung out, I hadn't seen my buddy nearly a year and she is toying with moving to Spain too, and she has just finished school, well, back to school as an adult. It was exciting.

The dog also had an exciting night, I don't know what kind of critter was out in the yard in the middle of the night, but oh my goodness, he barked on and off for maybe half an hour. It was interesting because he cannot have smelled it for all that time, and was clearly remembering it, he would stop for a while, and then do this little huffing half barks because he knew I wanted him to be quiet. An unvoiced bark..then he would get more excited and start to bark for a couple and calm down again. (I hate this keyboard, it is so clunky)

I am a little sleepy this morning, but oh what a delight on the walk, there was a cardinal singing his heart out, I even got some pictures, but alas, no 'puter yet...and the mulberries are in season. I love mulberries, they are sweet and delicious treats that you can only get by foraging, which gives them a lovely slightly illicit flavour as well...

This morning I was meandering along in a dopey sleep-drugged way, I hadn't spoken yet and my mouth was thick and sleepy, then I popped in a mulberry. Oh it was so lively. Woke me right up...maybe I should get the kids up by dropping berries in their mouths. It is lovely.

I am going to be an unpopular Mom tonight, although they were much more pleasant last night...I forgot to lay out their breakfasts this morning. I leave before they get up. I made their lunch, but clean forgot breakfast. That's OK, they'll manage, but they'll let me know about it.


I fed the dog anyway.


Dorky Dad said...

My wife loves mulberries. Yesterday she declared, "if I were a bird, I'd live in a mulberry tree."

oreneta said...

They are sooooo good...She'd poop purple all the time if she lived in a mulberry tree!