Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Strange people.

I am sorry for the scanty postings...life is wild here, I hate the hour each way on a good day commute...hate it...although I am studying Spanish while I do it. My comprehension goes wildly up and down depending on the state of the traffic.

The keyboard on this computer sucks rocks, really. It is a dinosaur, I feel like I am typing on an old manual. I am such a princess, no?

I am also hurting for the lack of a computer at home, I just don't have time for reading blogs at work, although I am not sure I have it at home either, but at least it opens another window of opportunity.

There are some angry and weird people in this city. That has been striking. I see more homeless people, and more people who are basically not very functional that I remember seeing before. A lot more. I wonder what is up.

There was one woman this morning in the park, who was apparently functional, but well actually kinda strange. I was walking along with the Chuckster, admiring the ponds and the reflections of the trees in the water with the lily pads, and having quite a Monetesque moment if you could ignore the strong smell of sewer coming off the water...I did see a heron yesterday. I saw this woman with her dog, it was an unusual looking beast. Picture a rottweiler, right down to the docked tail, and then give it border collie colouring. Very strange. I asked if it was a collie rottweiler mix. Well, let me tell you, that was the wrong thing to ask. She flew right off the handle that I might think it was a rottweiler, and refused to tell me what the dog was because, "Anyone who might think that the dog was a rottweiler, well...." *muttermuttermutter* as she stomped off.

Goodness gracious honey. I think maybe you need a little help, and I am quite glad your not my neighbour.

There were some rather nasty girls in the park last night as well, this little pack of creepy and unpleasant girls, all around 7 or 8. They left eldest alone, she was big enough but they took a run at both youngest and our friend, a boy about 7 years old...we left, life is too short. They were weird too, all over Chuck, but one of them kept trying to step on his tail, and they asked me for some of the food I had with me, NO thankyouverymuch, and they seemed to know us, although I swear we have never seen them before and neither had the kids....it was really kinda creepy, like something you see out of Hollywood...very strange and very unpleasant. It makes me realise how lucky we were in Spain with the kids there. No one even remotely like these little brats. Though brats seems strangely too mild. It was bizarre and uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

Sounds all a little Twilight Zone'ish.

Nomad said...

This thing of reverse culture shock is truly a bizarre phenomenon, not the least of which it comes in a completely unexpected and sideways way. I know you don't really miss "Home" (being Canada) SO much but when you do miss it and then it bites you in the behind like that it is truly a strange thing. One of the hidden gifts/liabilities of being an expat. Seeing your country and it's culture in a completely different light.

Sea Dogs said...

The Lady with the dog may have had a reason. Following a fatal attack on a child by a dog, I think it is now illegal to own some breeds, Pit Bulls come to mind and perhaps rotweillers. So your comment might have been taken as alleging that she had an illegal weapon.

Beth said...

Those kids in the park? Sounds like a Lord of the Flies moment.
Hope you're having some good encounters with people!

Dorky Dad said...

Remember that old horror movie with the white-haired children with glowing eyes? Was it like that?

oreneta said...

Trish: It was...made me want to look over my shoulder for their evil older brother...

Nomad: It does broaden the perspective, it also makes me wonder how much I hve changed too, how much is me?

Sea Dog: You may well be right, although she was still a little odd.

Beth: I am haveing good/normal encounters with people, but a lot of not so good too..???

DD: YES that was it exactly!