Sunday, June 24, 2007

OUCH, my nose!

My nose is sore.

I pulled the ultimate goofy move the night before last. I woke up in the deep dark depths of the middle of the night, and being jet-lagged had no freaking idea what time it was. So I tried to get the fancy pants cell phone to tell me, but I couldn't remember how to turn the lights on the machine, especially as it was rather dark in the room. Now most sensible people would have turned on a light at this point, but I decided that as I had to pee as well, I would head off to the loo.

I toddled off, turned on the light in the washroom, thus rendering myself entirely blind when I emerged and discovered that it was, dishearteningly, only 1:30 am. I finished my business, and left to head back to the bedroom. Now we stay in a basement apartment while we are in TO, so it is some dark down there boys, and loser that I am upon occasion I managed to walk nose first into the end of the door.


I figured I was going to wake up with two big fat shiners, but no, and I don't even see a difference in my nose structure, which was not exactly petite to begin with.

I thought that would look great too, "No really, my husband is in Spain, I just walked into a door...really..."

The funny thing is that my husband has the most appalling eye-site, so we are pretty careful to make sure that all the doors are opened all the way and not sticking out at a ninety degree angle like they were the other night, cause he will walk into them. Well the man is in Spain, so I ignored these elementary precautions; to my detriment.

I would have looked great on the first day of classes with no voice, two black eyes and a swollen nose, eh?


Dorky Dad said...

I do stuff like that all the time. Maybe not to my nose, but to other parts of my person. It runs in my family -- we're a bunch of klutzes.

Beth said...

Ah, those late night "tinkles." Risky ventures - but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
Had you ended up with a shiner and a swollen nose, you definitely would have had the undivided attention of your students.
Good luck on your first day!

oreneta said...

DD: In Catalonia if your a klutz, the word for it is a duck, so you would say that, "you are such a duck!"

Beth:Thanks for the luck, I certainly would have had their attention. My nose is still sore, wonder how you tell if you broke it?