Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunshine through the clouds.

I ended up taking the dog for his nightly walk last night as the man was crashing downwards...I have to say that it was absolutely lovely after the stuffy, well it isn't stuffy, but the claustrophobic feel of a household of sickies...and the bougainvillia are blooming like crazed things and it is overwhelmingly gorgeous...also the bats were out flying around. I love these little guys. They are small and amazing little aerobatic pilots...they resemble the swallows and swifts that we have around in the day, but they flutter more...still pulling the most impressive aeronautic stunts. And to boot, they eat the damn mosquitoes. So I walked along, obnoxious irritating mosquito free and admired their flying and the flowers. It was lovely.

The man managed a stunning recovery and is now fine. Thank God.

Youngest remains fine...she had her filled tripe field trip to the local athletic center where they plastered each other with water guns and wet sponges. Now how is that for a field trip! The list of requirements, a bathing suit, towel, water shoes and a water gun. We actually had to go out and buy one. I don't remember having to EVER bring a water gun to school. She had a lovely time.

The cold seems to have gotten me...the sore throat is now constant and I am starting to sneeze and the faint beginnings of a cough are emerging. I think I am actually glad. Better to let the damn thing run it's course than be teased by it forever and a day.

Eldest remains much the same. I am not sure that the antibiotics are working, she thinks it hurts less and for shorter periods, and she certainly seemed more chipper at lunch, but I am wondering if this is simply a placebo effect. We'll have to wait and see. Cross your fingers for me.
I have almost finished writing my report cards for the language school - in there is an entertaining process...I go through a two correction process...nearly done. Not too many this year anyway. They are so test and grade happy here I find that tricky. I definitely do fewer tests and give less homework than anyone students seem to be doing alright anyway.

You may have noticed the sudden expansion of my blog roll and links...I will be leaving the computer behind when I go and my favorites list with I plastered a bunch on the blog as a form of electronic memory. I will eventually have access to a computer at where we are staying in TO, although it may take a couple of days and I will have a computer at work of course. I will however be rather extensively and overwhelmingly busy so if my commenting decreases and the photos drop off, and the posts get a whack shorter...well you know why. Sorry. I will do my best. It will definitely be a bit before I get the photos sorted out, I don't think I can do it at work so I will have to wait for the new computer and then figure out how it works.

We fly in three days.


I got GOODIES in the mail...Nomad bless her darling soul sent me a book! IN ENGLISH!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO. Not only that, but given the first 22 pages that I have read, an EXCELLENT book. It is Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life". Well, I for one am very excited. I commented a while ago about trying to find an on-line writing courses, or workshops and while I haven't found any I can afford, this is certainly a big step in the right direction. This summer I am hoping that in all my spare time away from *cough* work, the dog, the house, sing-parenting, prep-work that needs to be done at home and -oh yeah- seeing friends and family, I will have a chance to hammer out a good portion of a first draft for a project I have in mind...which I need to be in TO to work on, although I can bring some of the materials here in the fall. This is a most timely and welcome gift. Thank you thank you thank you.....


Beth said...

BATS?!!! ya, I know they are good for the environment, yada yada, they eat mosquitoes, ya, ya, but I hate those things! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

that is abeautiful picture. I will miss all of your pictures, so I hope you can get to a computer soon! Have a safe trip, but I know I will talk to you before then....hey, I talked about a mulberry tree too over at Beth's!!!

Beth said...

Bats outside - okay.
Bats flying above your head inside while in bed - not good.
When you're in TO, just write whatever and whenever you can. Sounds like you'll be crazy-busy. Keep in touch!
I read a book by Anne Lamott awhile ago - forget the title - but I loved it. She is quite a woman!

Nomad said...

I am not REALLY invisible just invisible in blog land right now, but thinking of you. I am so glad that the book arrived, (and impressed since it it was sent from Canada...)I loved it and found it hugely inspiring, (if not for writing then for the intrinsic benefits of physchotherapy at the very least...LOL) It REALLY made me want to write too...

I look forward to seeing you on the "other" side!!

kate said...

Hmm, I hope oldest gets better soon. And Bird by Bird is great-- if you don't have a writing class, that's the next best thing!

oreneta said...

Beth: I have to admit, I like bats, it must be one of those visceral things, they get to you, or they don't. Mulberries are yummy, have you been beating the birds to any?

Beth: I do agree with you there, I wouldn't want the bats inside either....nor mice, rats, ants....spiders are OK.

Nomad: You mailed that from Canada? Wow, that's quick....I also am looking forward to seeing you over there...

Kate: I am going to be requesting a bunch of books from the library in TO about writing while I am study study...any recommendations?