Sunday, May 18, 2008

Drawing and talking: a lovely day

We went into BCN last night for the 'Nit del Museus'...we went to the Picasso museum, they have a year round family membership for 15 Euros!!! WOW, we'll be getting one of those, then you can just drop in whenever you want! How great is that? Picasso on tap?

We couldn't take photos, though I did take this lovely study in Monastic innovation.

This was in what used to be a monastery, and is now a church tucked just off Plaça Catalunya (I can no longer remember which is the Catalan, English and Spanish spelling of Catalonia (English-HA!) Oh yes, and Spanish has Cataloña, I think.)ANYway, we were doing a brief tour of the normally locked cloister while a wedding was going on - if your nosey you never know what you'll get to see - and this font thing-a-ma-bob that you dip your fingers in and cross yourself as you enter a holy Catholic kind of place (what ARE they called... I CANNOT remember) Well, whatever it is called, this font thingy had been put to a secondary use as a hose rack...either that or they had decided on a better system for mass baptising the infidels in Plaça however-you-spell-it-Catalunya, with the help of that baptismal hose jobbie...I've heard of rivers for baptising, even hot tubs (not Catholic baptisms) but a hose...what the heck.

Did I ever chat today too! My folks, a friend from here, the kids with a friend in TO, me as well with a friend from TO, and Nomad. You must understand, our phone doesn't ring more than once a when it's busy around here, and this was a LOT of calls for us.

Nomad, I would like to say is so inspiring, we were chatting away today about the online art course we are going to take, sounds like an oxymoron, but no, and about our art studies in the past, and our art related goals in the future and what we want to work on most and I got going on see, I needed to set the yellow doorway aside for a bit to think, and the kids were making a lot of noise, and I had said to Nomad that I REALLY needed to work on figure drawing...and you know, youngest, even when she is on the computer with a friend who is on Skype from Toronto, and they are playing a game and chatting...she wriggles....a lot. She also sits in the way of her sister, so impromptu life drawing wasn't really in the cards....instead I did this, which is a copy of a colour print of a Murillo from around obviously isn't finished, but it is going OK so far I think....I already fixed the shoulder but I am too lazy to re-photograph it and reload the photo to Blogger so you'll have to trust me.


Beth said...

Your rendition is beautiful. I envy you such talent.
And I chuckled at your description/explanation of the baptismal font.
Another blogger friend recently posted his art.

(If a blogging clique re: art begins, I'm in trouble.)

oreneta said...

Beth, glad you like it! and got a laugh...I'll go over and have a look....judging by the overwhelming number of art based comments, I am not sure you have to worry yet.

Beth said...

Re: the not so overwhelming # of comments. It was a quiet weekend. Because of the holiday? Where was everyone?
You are the most consistent blogger I know.

oreneta said...

What holiday? OF COURSE the May 2-4 weekend....!!!

elPadawan said...

Baptismal fonts are, I think, for baptism. The ones you get at the entrance where you dip your fingers in are stoups, or holy water stoups, I think. French is "Bénitier". Baptismal fonts being "fonds baptismaux", and much wider.

I think.

dawn said...

Funny about the baptismal. It is a wonderful day when one can catch up with friends and have a social day, even if long distant.

oreneta said...

elPadawan, I agree, the ones you dip your fingers in and cross yourself are different, but I don't know what they are called in any I suppose they wouldn't be mass baptising, maybe mass blessing with the hose....nicer I think, don't you, more considerate.

Dawn, ya, I thought that was fairly was nice to catch up.