Thursday, May 29, 2008

The I hate school club, and a bit more.

OK. I made this sauce last night that was the most unlikely thing you may have imagined, and it was SOOOO good. So here it is, first though, I got the recipe out of Deborah Madison´s cookbook, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone I think it is called. Then I kinda changed it a bit, well sort of a bunch, so I don´t know if it is her recipe or mine, anywho, here goes.

I put in a cup of yogurt, I used no fat and drained off that sour liquid instead of the full fat, then I added the juice of a juicy lime, if you have a stingy one I would add more. Then I added mustard. It called for fancy Dijon mustard, but I had just passed the last of my Gray Poupon on to someone needier, and so we had to rely on the yellow baseball-park hot-dog gorp mustard. I put in about two to three tablespoons. Then I added sugar, it called for brown sugar, but again my brown sugar had also disappeared, so I used white sugar, about two to three teaspoons, then a small mountain of coriander/cilantro; I am talking pretty much an entire hefty bunch here....stir, maybe let it sit if you can wait...mmmmmm put it on anything, probably it would even be good with corn flakes. Mmmmmm.

Now lets see, what else, I went off to a dermatologist today (I can hear you groaning...oh no, not more medical stories). Sorry but yes. I am pretty pale, and with all the sailing, I have caught me a bit of sun over the years, now I have this little spot on the side of my nose, that looks a bit like a zit, sort of not, but it just doesn't go away, not since before Xmas, and it is the third time it has appeared. So hi ho hi ho it was off to the doc I had to go....they are forwarding me like a bad e-mail to another doc who will remove the thing from my face - now won´t that look pretty. It is right where a nose pierce would go, if they leave a big enough mark, I'll be getting me one.

The bus ride was a drag, I got bus sick which NEVER happens, then on the way home I had to wait for an HOUR for the bus at a busy round-about, so I couldn't really read, because every time an engine that sounded a bit like a bus came along I had to look up, locate it and see if it was my bus. There were lots. It was very irritating. SO, instead I drew this: I have always had trouble with trees, so I was pretty happy.

The bus fun didn't end here though, the driver was very late, so he was making up time, shall we say. I felt sick again. Then he managed to shut an old lady half in and mostly out of the door and start driving off at high speed. This seems like a failure at that bus driving 101 level, no? Dragging old ladies down the street trapped in the door because you didn't check the mirrors seems a bit of a no no. She was fine, he had accelerated hard, so we hadn't actually got very far before the general screaming made him stop. She was rubbing her arm, but was otherwise unharmed. Goodness gracious.

Youngest started a new club at school today, the "I hate school" club.

Her teacher signed up.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Beth said...

Funny/strange - my sister is finally being sent to a specialist for a bump inside her nose.
(I can see you with a nose ring!)

I'm hoping that teacher simply has a great sense of humour and doesn't truly hate school...

elPadawan said...

I once had a bus driver not stop for me. Just shrugging when seeing me waiting, the bus was half empty. He just didn't feel like it. Yargl.

And the "I hate school" club? I think it's a humorous teacher too ;).

Kim S. said...

holes in the nose, nice tree drawing with interesting bark treatment,scary bus ride, and an honest kid. Wow. That was quite a day.

oreneta said...

Beth, I think she has a sense of humour....I can see me with a nose ring too...I wonder if my boss can?

elPadawan....he just drove right past? Where was this...too weird.

Kim, it was quite a isn't dull very often, but that was kind of exceptional.

dawn said...

You did a good job on the tree. Funny the teacher signed up for the club too; I guess if you can't beat em, join em, and I am guessing it is illegal to beat them there too;-). Crazy about the bus ride and that driver. Let that be a warning to all who were witness to it; get in quick.