Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oreneta aground

Nomad said to me last summer that the second year as an expat would be harder. She was right in many ways. It is harder, and it's easier.

We are more settled in, we have friends and jobs, I can communicate with everyone much much better, we are developing an infrastructure of people who we help out and who help us out, who we socialise with and who connect us with the community and the world outside our little mini-Canada.

It is also harder. It is more real; there are more hassles; I still cannot speak as well as I need or want to; we all, I think I can safely say all, miss living on the boat dreadfully.

I sometimes question why we are doing this, though I also know why we are doing this.




Easier and harder. More different and more the same.

I would also miss it dreadfully if we left. I remind myself of that too.

I still post boat pictures on the blog though, and still feel like Oreneta's gone aground in many ways.


Anonymous said...

Particularly and especially today, May 9, I'm thinking of YOU. GM

hulagirlatheart said...

Is it odd to feel "aground" in a place you've been for a very long time and that you've very familiar with? Some days it's a little unsettling, and I'm not sure why. I love the last photo, by the way.

joon said...

nice pictures! did you take them?

check out my blog

Terrie said...

It sounds like you need to go sailing Even if just for a couple of hours. I miss you guys.

oreneta said...

GM, thanks you very much....

Hula, Yes, it is odd, and I'm glad you liked the photo.

Joon, thanks for coming by, yes I took the picture...I'll go check out your blog in a bit!

Terrie, I miss you so much, and yes, we definately need to go sailing....we have to put a new roof and gutters on the house in TO, and because of that we may not be able to get down to Fl this summer, which is making me SO FRUSTRATED...and it is also probably part of why I am feeling a little down...indeed probably a lot of why. Crap.

dawn said...

It is so true. I wonder how long you have to be away from a place before you stop missing it. I know when we moved from the town we lived in for 10 years, I did not miss it, and can't say I miss it now, but when we were there and hoped to move here, there was a longing to go home. I think everyone is different and some people don't really become attached but can go from place to place and I believe the amount of time you spend in a place you like, will related to how much you miss it when gone.

elPadawan said...

But you didn't put the boat aground forever, did you? For sure, one of these days, you'll set sail again ;)

oreneta said...

Dawn, I love to move on and find new places, and I cannot say I miss Toronto in any huge way, though I love the city and have tons of friends and family there, the boat was different.

and elPadawan, I sincerely hope not. Sincerely.