Friday, May 23, 2008

Riding the wave

These acrylics?


I kind of have a handle on the watercolours, I can largely predict what it's going to look like when I lay hand to brush, I can pretty much judge where I am headed. My technique, of course, is still flawed, but I do feel somewhat in control.

Oils...ditto, though it has been years, I have done enough I could largely pick it up.

Acrylics though? Kinda like jumping off a swing at that moment when your body lifts clear. The swing is starting to fall, but you're still going up....and you give a bit of a kick and let go...and it is such a long way down and you feel, for an hour that moment that your flying, and sometimes you land beautifully, and sometimes you stumble and fall.

whew, I am still not really sure whose driving.

I've got four paintings on the go....the big yellow one, I have looked at for a while, and there is only one small thing I am going to do with it and it's done...a bit of serendipitous blessing that one....a sweet landing so to speak.

The red and blue one...I also like it, but it is not quite there, I haven't seen where it needs to go....

The blue and orange is a disaster, though youngest still says I am being too harsh...I moved faster than I could think about where I wanted to move, if you follow me, and now it and I are lost...wandering idly through the mush....we'll see if I can rescue it.

I did one the way I was told, and I am reworking a previous theme I tried in watercolour and I am not happy with....we'll see how it turns photos....too lazy, and I remain somewhat diffident about that one...we'll see if it charms me in the end.


elPadawan said...

erm... was the post supposed to contain pictures? I can't see any :(

Anonymous said...

I see you are really into it!
Keep on painting and trying it out.
You either love the speed and wildness of using acrylics or hate it to no end and stop all together.
Makes you kind of feel the paint is running you and not the other way around.
Once you get the timing and the sense of how it hangs together, you may fall in love with it!
Witness the adrenalin shot from intense work and immediate result that may get you!GM

Beth said...

I love your jumping off a swing metaphor. And your enthusiasm for your art shines through in these posts. Keep flying!

(I just noticed the waiting room poem on your sidebar - and the quotation from that famous woman Oreneta. Such wisdom in her words.)

dawn said...

Great metaphors. I look forward to seeing all the finished products in all their flying colours.

oreneta said...

elPadawan, sorry, no photos in this one, I was too tired and lazy...

Gm, yes indeed, there is some doubt about who is running things, so far it is running me reasonably nicely.

Beth, wisdom or cynicism, or experience?

Dawn, I'll keep you posted...thanks