Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another rather long day...blogger is working though.

Another day of overwhelming rushing's a few vignettes

Forgot to give eldest her medicine this morning (only the most important thing I have to do in the entire day) so I was late to work as I had to backtrack to get the meds, then go to the school etc etc etc.

The plumber came, what a dream...he can come back. The few drops of water he spilled he ASKED me for a cloth and cleaned it up himself, then wiped it all down when he left, even the sink!!! OMG!!!

Instead of eating lunch, I visited the doctor, booked the plumber and cleaned the bathroom. NOT my favourite task. I got cranky.

Walking the dog with a friend I had a sandwich with me, and she was kind enough to stoop and scoop for me as I was eating, then she ended up carrying it a LONG way as we were talking so much I never got a chance to eat.

Chuck was such a wimpy mama's boy this morning we couldn't give him his shot (which really does hurt a lot, apparently the medicine forms crystals under his skin) *shudder*. He was whining and crying and jumping and squirming and twisting, at one point we had the needle embedded in his back, and I had to let go of it as he was spinning around, and the needle was doing it's own seperate wild dance. Not prescribed technique.

Add the vet to today's list.

The receptionist and gave him the shot as the vet was away. I handled the needle as the more experienced of the two of us. Poor Chuck. Not a peep, and didn't move a muscle. Like a kid, eh?

The man has suddenly developed a horrid cold. I have a back ache. I am seriously considering the couch. And ibuprofen. I so so so so so do not want a cold right now. SO.

Tomorrow morning I have a few errands. Some chores. NAP is however at the top of the list with PAINT following closely.

Enough of this crap.


Beth said...

This is so not like your usual posts! (Reminds me of my wonky furnace, gas leaks, roof leaks and dog with diarrhea posts.)
I feel for ya, kiddo. It can all get so overwhelming. Hope you're not getting sick on top of everything else.
(And that you took that nap...)

elPadawan said...

A broken elbow doesn't sound that bad after all this...

Carla said...

I feel for you! Every so often, life conspires to make us crazy!!

You must rest up and do something nice for yourself today. You deserve it!

oreneta said...

Beth, nap was done...there are those days you just need to recover from aren't there.

elPadawan, a broken elbow sucks hard rocks...almost literally for you. Find a sports therapy type...I feel like such a Mom when I say that, but really...

Carla, Yes indeed it you will have read, I didn't do much of anything at all today.