Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I lost a laptop....

Well, yesterday's post got delayed cause I kinda lost the laptop!

This is something that requires a certain skill it would seem.

I left the office with my lunch bag, my camera bag, my bag with all the notes, and a variety of other mixed bits and pieces, along with the computer bag. There was a lady cleaning and vacuuming in the hall, I went out to the car, put everything in the back, the phone rang, a man and his kid was going by, I took a carton out of the back of the car and headed off to schlep it into my workplace...I was parked right near the door but around the corner. I left the trunk open.

This is a very private and very empty parking lot and the man and the four year old come here every worries.

I get in through the door security and dump the box there, return for another bag...close the trunk, go back into work (with the fob) open about seven other doors, stagger past the lady and her vacuum about four times with the various boxes and bags I need to carry in...

Go back out to the car, and drive most of the way home - about an hour. I get to the grocery store, internally cursing the stupid clear window hatch-back without one of those screen-y things the rental company gave me because I am going to have to haul the computer bag and my work bag, along with the camera around the grocery store with me as I cannot leave them in the car.

I hopped out of the car, opened the trunk and stood dumbfounded and deeply horrified...staring into the back.

No computer.


The possibilities were that I had:

a) left it in the office.
b) put it down in the parking lot and driven away.
c) the man had stolen it, but I was gone so little time and four year olds are notorious for standing around loudly saying things like, "Why did you take that bag from the lady's car?" I was only gone a second, and he comes here every day...
d)...there is no d. Scotty teleported it out of my trunk while I was stuck in traffic.

My choices were to
a) get back in the car and drive an hour and a half back to work, look around, probably set off the terrible security system they have, then drive an hour back after talking to the police because I set off the alarm.
b) call someone.
c) go home and hope for the best.
d) stand weeping in the parking lot at Price Choppers

I couldn't find any of the numbers I would have needed, so I went home after buying my groceries. I briefly considered d, but decided to wait on that one.

Geez Louise....

It was an old 'puter, my workplace has a surplus of the things, and it had no files on it, so there was no real urgency, aside from the fact that I had lost the darned thing.

I have to confess the tension built as I approached my building this morning.

Would it be there, or was I in for a very unpleasant day.

I left it in the office.

Thank goodness.


Lynda said...

Oh thank goodness... I suffer great distress when I lose things which I seem to do more often than most people... and usually because I am trying to do 17 things at the same time.

Beth said...

That was a long time to be wondering - and fretting. Glad the laptop "re-appeared."
Very funny post...weeping in the parking lot of Price Choppers would have been a definite option for me as well.

traveler one said...

Gosh my heart was pounding just reading about it!

So glad it was in the office! Whew!!

elPadawan said...

phew! Glad you didn't really lose it. I suppose the stress of not knowing was kinda unbearable for a moment, there... Hope you slept well :)

oreneta said...

Lynda, that is kind of what happened, there were about a thousand things going on as I was going out the door with(out) the laptop...and I was jetlagged still - I wonder how long I can hang onto that excuse???

Beth, there are times when a good weep, wherever you are, is the solution....

Kim, Yeah, a big fat Phew on that one. How's the jet lag for you? Good flights?

elPadawan...actually I slept just fine. I had a few moments of stress, but it takes a lot to wreck my sleep. It is ultimately just a laptop...not a kid or anything.

hulagirlatheart said...

Whew! I hate it when I do crap like that. Sometimes I wear myself out.

dawn said...

What a relief it must have been to find it in the stuff at work. I hate when things like that happen and I am left wondering and worrying for days. I do like when it turns out in the end.

oreneta said...

Hula, so do I indeed.

Dawn, actually I was surprised, I coped better than I thought I would have.