Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hercule Puré

We watched some beach volleyball today, right in downtown BCN, Youngest was delighted. She far prefers sports to the gallery we were heading to. At least we got a bit of both in. She was largely bored by the Catalan national gallery, which I largely wasn't, then we went on to see some more modern stuff, she found that more engaging, and so did I. It spoke to her in a way she can relate to, in a way that is most relevant to NOW.

One artist, and forgive me, I forget his full name, but he is German and has Hesse as a last name, or something similar...was F.R.E.A.K.Y. but also very funny...Youngest was certainly engaged, lets see if she dreams about it...he had one hilarious section, he was doing some riffs on Agatha Christie...but he referred to Herucle Puréeeee. Heheheheheee

This computer is not a happy beast, it is freezing up over and over and over, and I am having to delete temp files and defrag far far too often for a 'puter that claims to have 56% of its hard drive free. This does not bode well.

Painting continues. We saw some Catalan painters from the 19th C, they are demi-gods here, though on the global art scene less so, that said, they knew what they were doing and there were some lovely pieces...which I cannot link to today as my windows keep freezing up. You'd think it was January in Canada....

I also think that the yellow painting with the doorway may just be done, I am debating the inclusion of one more aspect, but I'll have to look at it for a while and see. This is a good thing as I have so many pieces on the go it is nearly unmanageable. The darned computer is frozen again, I am going to post this while I can, sorry, no pics just isn't in the cards, more likely it just isn't in the computer chips. Grrrrr.

I looked at that painting again, and it's not done yet, more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Your Sunday sounded like fun....I'm far away from any good museums, also miss beach volleyball.

Beth said...

A day of inspiration from other artists and of frustration from the computer. Sounds like a typical day - a little bit of good, a little bit of bad.
I shall say a brief prayer for your computer - sounds like you need help.

hulagirlatheart said...

Oh, too look out my living room window and see that view...instead of my neighbor's junk.

oreneta said...

feathered....I have always hated playing volley ball, though I like the beach....what do you have near you?

Beth, yeah, pretty typical...the computer, it may need prayers...we'll see.

Hula, other peoples junk is not a great view. Ever....sorry. Though that might make a good of other peoples junk!

elPadawan said...

check your RAM with Memtest86. Do a scandisk rather than a defrag if you already defragged. Don't forget the full anti-virus/anti-spyware check.

And to top it all, monitor the memory and CPU usage to see if you can find out what's freezing it.

Sorry for the geeky comment. I just want you to keep on posting :p

oreneta said...

Ohhh, elPadawan, I love your geeky comment...I'll do the bits I understand and then try to figure out the ones I don't. I may send a comment your way about the mystifying parts.