Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Listen up

I have only one thing to say today.

Eldest and I went back to the hospital (again).

THEY FOUND A PARASITE!!!!!! (I cannot believe how excited I am that she HAS a parasite)


She has to take some pills for three days. It seems ungodly easy after two years.

Please please please let this be it.

Let it be the only problem.

The thinking is that she has a (translation from Catalan here) migrating parasite that she picked up through her skin while swimming. UGH.

Everyone, please cross your fingers for her.

Let this be O.V.E.R....


Beth said...


While it's gross to think that she has a "migrating parasite" in her body...WOOHOO!!!!!

Now she can get well, and get on with things!

elPadawan said...

fingers crossed for Eldest :). Hopefully, it'll finally be over...

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that cures eldest. tentative hooray

Your other sick puppy, the pootah. 56% is very low, delete a whole bunch of stuff, photos particularly

Sea dog

Beth said...

Wonderful news!
My fingers are crossed.
Prayers will be said. (Seriously - she's added to the list.)
What a horror that sweet child has endured all this time. And you.
Time for it to end.

dawn said...

That is so exciting and such an easy treatment after such a long haul of doctors and illness. I hope it solves the problems she has been having. That would be magnificent.

hulagirlatheart said...

YEA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS (I think). When was the last time I cheered for a parasite? Hmmm.

traveler one said...

I've been wondering for so long what could be causing her tummy ahces. I'm so gald you've found something and it can be taken care of!

kate said...

Yay parasite! Um, I mean, Yay diagnosis and treatment!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this is it!