Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hellos are pretty cool though

Well, we're here...less the man, the dog and my paintings....

I slept in a tent last night on my folk's terrace, and a very very comfy night it was, the flights were dreadful...late late and later including an OJ style gallop through the airport to catch our connection that was then late as well...ho hum.

We've been to the library, have I mentioned just how much I LOVE the Toronto Public library???

I went and bought that too much info? Sorry, but I've never had girly bras before, and that was kind of to get the man over here....

The girls have gone swimming, youngest has done some carpentry with her grandfather, and now they're baking a pie.

Jet lag isn't so much fun, but it's getting better.


Oh, sorry, was I saying something?

I've got the cell phone up and working again, the same number as always for those of you who know it....I had a brief exchange with the cell phone company who did not want to change my plan until the billing date, which wasn't until the 6th. I was not prepared to pay 25 cents a minute for the next 20 days, and pointed out that they needed to come up with a solution or I would simply go elsewhere.

That worked.

Man I am bagged though. *gasp*


mmichele said...

Welcome to Canada! You seem so much closer, but still so far away...

elPadawan said...

Welcome here! You bought bras at the Toronto Public Library? o_O?

hmmm... I don't have your old cell phone number, but I sent you mine, hopefully it should help ;).

Now, on to some Pho :D.

oreneta said...

Mmichele...I AM so much closer...but Canada is so H U G E!!!

elPadawan, OK that was a really funny emoticon, I've never seen that one before...and I am a pretty skillful person, but no, I didn't get the bras at the library, I went to the bay for that.

Carla said...

The closest I've been to Toronto is seeing it from the Lake. Looks big!

Girly bras just make a girl feel... well very feminine. I mail order mine.

The library sounds very interesting, I'll go Google it.

dawn said...

Welcome back to Canada. Just like Mmichele said, you are so much closer but still so far away.