Friday, June 13, 2008


As you can see, I am making progress on the paintings, though to my dismay I have just learned that there are two more weeks of the course, rather than one. For the final class, the paintings and I will be on seperate continents.

*ah well*

Youngest had a crisis at school a couple of days ago. One of her closer friends asked her, when all the kids were rearranging their desks, if Youngest would slide her desk in and they could sit together. So there would have been a large group with all the boys, another with all but two of the girls, then mine and her bud; but after the tables were rearranged, and after youngest happily told us about this at lunch, her bud decided to move and sit with the rest of the girls, leaving youngest to sit all by herself for the rest of the afternoon. tear a chunk from my heart.

After an evening of real anger and real sorrow, along with a definite weakening of that friendship, Youngest solved the situation herself and moved her table in with the boys, which she said is more fun anyway, as they don't whine and complain as much.

Getting to be quite the tomboy that one, complete with the scabby knees. Her favourite song right now is sk8r boi...should be an interesting few is neat watching them grow.

I am getting organised slowly, we leave next weekend... I've got one set of taxes done, and the next we're tackling tomorrow, wish us luck as they're in Catalan, I know where we are living this summer, by and large, and have camps, cars, childcare etc. worked out in broad strokes, Eldest is registered in our second choice school next year, and I have finished all the paperwork for my job here, so all I have left at work is teaching and clearing out my space. There is still a formidable list left to tackle, but most of the big jobs are getting done.


Oh! and to add to the excitement - like I haven't got enough going on - one of my language students from here is going to end up staying with us for a month this summer while she studies English in TO! I can't quite leave Spain I guess, I've got to import a little with me, no? She's in her 20's so no parenting required...I wouldn't consider it otherwise.


mmichele said...

LOVE the fishie.

Anonymous said...

ARE YOU INTO ZEN that that fish got
into your painting?
am wishing you strength and endurance for this last week before your sprint to the airport.
The trials and tribulations of childhood friendships are distressful, hope the scars don't go too deep.
Is that kind of experience one of the reasons why people never move and stay in the same place all their lives? Shouldn't be that difficult these days as we now have emails etc. but the psychic/emotional stuff is still a huge barrier to overcome!
I'll never forget my shock when I was studying in Norway to hear from people I visited that they'd never been over to the other side of the bay or mountain, or off their island - that was "the other side of the moon"!!!GM

Beth said...

Your youngest sounds like such a trooper - great confidence and sense of self. (And that situation was one of those, "mom can't help" ones).

Hopefully, we can see one another when you're in Toronto.

(BTW - as of yesterday, the roof situation is solved - they are responsible for the damage both inside and out!)

traveler one said...

I'm going to Canada next weekend too! I leave on Sunday and arrive in TO in the afternoon but am staying just one night then flying to NS. But I'll be going back through TO after three weeks. Let's keep in touch and maybe we can have a coffee!

oreneta said...

Mmichele, thank you very much...he seems to be turning out.

GM, the fish? I had travel collaged stuff underneath, then the blues seemed so aquatic that I aimed at fish, we spent a lot of time watching them on the boat, but sometimes image searches leave you flat and the Japonese have painted some might nice fish over the years so I ran my eyes over some of them, then started sketching....Youngest has bounced back, that was all part of growing up and doesn't seem to be a permanent thing.

Beth, she is indeed a very confident little varmint right now, long may it live and I would very much indeed enoy getting together with you again this summer....maybe we can get Trish to come in too...who knows.

Kim...Yes indeed that is an EXCELLENT idea...I would love to have a coffee with you!

Beth said...

man, I wish I had confidence like that, ya know???

and I love the fish picture!!!!!!!!! awesome!!

elPadawan said...

The fish is awesome! You're in TO this summer? How come I didn't know?!

oreneta said...

Beth, she never used to have that sort of confidence but now...she is amazing...lets hope it holds...maybe not the beating up the boys part though.

elPadawan, I don't know why you don't know, we'll be back starting next week, and we'll be there through September! Coffee anyone? or Pho? or or or

elPadawan said...

we could go get some Pho in Chinatown indeed :)

dawn said...

Wow, you must be pretty excited for your trip. Email your address in TO and I will send the book I promised.

Anonymous said...

Love Love LOVE your pieces, Oreneta! Of course, I'm partial to fishies.

Still need to paint my focal points- eek!

Anyhow, I really enjoy yours!

oreneta said...'re on.

Dawn, kind of'll be a lot of work, but it will also be great to see everyone...

Carla...THANK you...I kind of like fishies a lot too....I'm looking to see your painting on flickr....