Friday, June 6, 2008

The to do list that never happened.

I was very slow and dopey this morning.

It shows the impact I usually have. We had the most peaceful morning getting ready for school. Everyone on time, everyone calm, no shouting. I only forgot snack for youngest.

It must be me causing all the chaos...what am I doing?

Either that or I was so somnolent I didn't notice much, and they didn't bother whining to the walking zombie that looked faintly like their mom.

Nap? Check. Two and a half hours for crying out loud.

Paint? Nope.

Work from on line? Nope, internet went down, after my marathon nap I lay on the couch and read.

Pay the plumber? Nope.

Visit the accountant for the Spanish taxes? Nope

Teach? Yes indeed-y and it was OK....

Tutor my favourite market lady's daughter who is failing English? Yup

Meeting on Friday night at 7pm?!?!?!?!? Yup.

Walk the dog? Kind of, three short and pathetics, he didn't get to the mountain today. I slept too much.

Movie night with the family...YES!!!!

Sleep on the couch again to avoid the ambulatory mass of pestilence masquerading as my husband with a cold? Yes indeed-y. I fly in two weeks and then drop into a stunningly intense work schedule. I SO don't want a cold.

Boy was that nap awesome. I had thought of a little gentle, too much effort.

Pathetic, isn't it.


mmichele said...

sometimes the very best part of my day is naptime.

Mother Theresa said...

Naps. Hmmm. That sounds good. Taxes, not good. Pay the plumber, not fun. You made a good choice. :)

Mother Theresa said...

Hey, and looking back over the last few posts, I see they finally found out what your eldest has. That's great! I hope the treatment goes well, and that she's back to normal soon.

Beth said...

Not pathetic at all. Your body was telling you to slow down. Naps are good and TO DO lists are really only guides. There's always something that can be struck off (or put off) those lists.
We are not invincible.
Take care.

elPadawan said...

I think naps are mandatory in some countries... Best Idea in the world :)

oreneta said...

Mmichele, nap time is often the very best part of the day, though I have a lot of favourite parts of the day. I read a great children's story along those lines once.

Theresa, yes, I got my priorities right that day, and with eldest, we have our fingers crossed that this is it. No guarantees for a while, but lets hope.

Beth, that is one of the great things about a to do list, or an inbox pile, after a while a fair number of the things just slide right off the bottom and no one notices.

elPadawan, I LOVE me a nap when I smart, if only kids thought so.