Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cold water.

Amongst other things today (saw some Picassos, some Miró's etc etc plus we had coffee and icecream in a café on the beach) the girls went swimming in the Med - there are days when my own life leaves me stunned. Look ma! We're in SPAIN!!!!


Back to what I meant to talk about.

There are, to my mind, two types of people.

Forget all the other fancy definitions. There are the divers and the creepers. Youngest is a diver. Want to go swimming but the water's cold? No problem, she's IN. The occasional shudder but basically she gets in. My sister is the same. My folks too by and large, with the occasional groan and splutter.

I however am a creeper and I always have been.

There is a long and frankly agonising series of zones to achingly wet and gasp past on the way into any water below about 90 degrees F....

The feet and ankles, generally no problem.

Getting the backs of the knees in there's a pause.

Then there are the upper thighs, another hurdle....

Then the waist, again I find strong temptation to bail here as the icy water laps around my previously peaceful and toasty warm belly button.

Once that is accomplished then the armpits...*shudder* *yuck* I don't like this, probably the toughest part, I have spent a lot of time on tiptoes with my arms splayed out and up trying to avoid the inevitable.

Then, then, then, the head duck. I have to confess that by the time I am here it is usually OK....

Watching eldest get in today was hilarious, and would have made a great bit of photography as she inched her way past each cosy zone....


I shouldn't criticise though.

I didn't go in past my ankles.


Beth said...

I'm a creeper, too. In fact, I think more women are creepers than men. Ted once asked (age 4), "Why do ladies go in the lake with their arms up in the air?"
Why indeed? And why don't men?

dawn said...

I'm a creeper too, and I always have been. I have a couple kids who are divers and a couple creepers too. I agree with Beth about more women being creepers than men, probably because we are just more sensitive;-).

hulagirlatheart said...

How true! Very funny post. I'm a creeper with cold water. The hardest part for me is the arms and shoulders.

Carla said...

I'm a mixed sort- part creeper, part diver. I guess it depends on my mood! LOL

Lynda said...

I'm an all or nothing kinda gal.. usually just do a big belly flop and get it over with..

Feeling quite inspired by your artwork - have decided to pull out my paints and do two new canvases for Miss 6's newly redecorated bedroom... "pink is for babies" apparently - so we have gone red and white checks and stripes (dh thinks it looks like a bavarian massacre! lol

elPadawan said...

nice post :). I'm a diver ;)

oreneta said...

Beth, I think more men would be creepers, but it gets ridiculed out of them as children.

Or Dawn, you could be right.

Hula...I should do a survey amongst us creepers about the toughest bit to submerge...armpits here...shoulders, no problemo for me.

Carla, I will admit to occasionally showing off, or if I am REALLY hot, diving, but mostly...creep.

Lynda, that's pretty special, how many six year olds have their own private bavarian massacre on their walls? You'll have to post pictures of your canvases...please???

elPadawan, somehow I am not's probably all that stair climbing.

elPadawan said...

it's just because I am curious about everything :)