Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We've moved again!

No moss growing over here...we are in the house of some friends, and we're doing a house sitting gig...should be fun, though there is a cat, who both eldest and I are allergic to. We'll see how it goes. They do have a computer that functions which is sweet.

The moving isn't such a big deal, though I swear that all we moved was groceries, it's the cleaning that is tiring.


Have you ever seen the movie "Second hand lions"? We watched that tonight as a break, it was pretty good, though I think I liked it better than the kids did. They were bagged, up late last night then off to the museum with their Grandma....and they are to bed late again, fireworks you know, you just cannot miss them.

Happy Canada day everyone!


elPadawan said...

Good luck with the allergies... erm... been there, done that, not too long ago? :D

Angel said...

Happy Canada Day!!!! and ya, good luck with those allergies...that might be a very miserable vacation!

oreneta said...

elPadawan, so far so good....

Beth, Thanks so much! Your big festa is coming up this weekend too!!!!