Saturday, July 26, 2008

A movie a shriek and too much cleaning.

Pizza and movie night.

The girls are officially TOO YOUNG for the Indiana Jones films, we watched (most) of the Temple of Doom. They'd do fine if we took them to the new flick as long as no one in the theater minded them singing O My Darling Clementine as loudly as they could and out of tune while plugging their ears and cowering. Youngest actually leapt out of her seat and flew out of the HOUSE she was so frightened. I will admit I kind of grabbed her head and screamed sort of in her ear when I was startled in one part of the movie which was probably a bit unnerving for her. *snort*

We move again tomorrow, I am starting to think that we are utterly insane. Ah well, we get to clean out another apartment after cleaning out this house today. I love to do housework, let me just tell you. I will say that the girls were really helpful and only needed some nagging rather than a lot.

Ho hum.

A good day overall.

Hope yours went well.

Cheers to you all.



Angel said...

did I miss something? why are you moving?

I love the Indiana JOnes movie..the Temple of Doom, being a favorite, but my kid said the new one is DUMB! I still want to see it.

mmichele said...

oh my darling is excellent medicine.

how long will you be of no fixed address?

elPadawan said...

what is this Oh My Darling Clementine song you are referring too? The Temple of Doom used to scare the hell out of me. Especially the "taking out your heart" part.

oreneta said...

Beth, we have a long stream of house-sitting gigs, which are proving highly stressful in fact, between invaders, raccoons, squirrels in the basement, and now a dog that is EXTREMELY ill and depressed that her family left. GOodness. I don't remember the Temple of doom as my favourite, I like Marion better....I didn't get to see the ending.

Mmichele, short answer, when we get back to Spain, but I haven't really had a really hard fixed address for about five years now. It makes it tough in those video places that want your address to identify you...ummmm, would that be....which house shall I guess? We know about 10 verses for Oh My Darling, so we can cope with a LOT of scary stuff.

elPadawan, the taking out the heart part they were Clementine and covering their eyes, but they really lost it when the guys come up and grab the kid and the's a you tube version..

It's in English and French, but he has left out the good verse.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I would pull out my hair if I had to move as often as you have. Although, it would probably teach me to travel light.

Anonymous said...

I would find all that moving stressful. On the other hand, I don't suppose you collect too much stuff in the short time you are in a place;-).

oreneta said...

hula, we don't have much stuff, the drag is moving the groceries and cleaning endlessly.

Dawn, that is the truth, try not too gather too much moss. Nor lose the moss you came with.