Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's all about learning folks.

Now I have to say, I contacted these folks, at AAA Wildlife Control who you can watch on the National Georgraphic Channel apparently and they were VERY helpful.

Here's the drill for tonight.

I'll go in this evening and make a bunch of noise in the basement, then I sprinkle flour around near the cat flap and other higher traffic areas. Then close the basement door and leave. I am supposed to come back later near or after dark and check for footprints and close the flap.

I'll check again for footprints in the morning.

Flour, the raccoon hunter's best friend. Wonder if I have any. The clean up should be a joy, but well worth it.

We'll be sleeping elsewhere tonight. Meeting a raccoon in the hallway outside the bathroom is a mite disconcerting.


Anonymous said...

What do the people do who live there the rest of the time?
Surely the beasts didn't start appearing when you took over?

Good luck with the flour trick etc. but I do think you should be catching some sleep instead of chasing mystery visitors!!! GM

elPadawan said...

Sounds almost like a fun ghost-hunt... make it a game with the kids, setup surveillance webcams and all :D

Beth said...

Best of luck!
And you shouldn't have used the word "mite." You're just asking for a different kind of trouble!

Angel said...

I like the flour idea...very good thinking. But it still freaks me out they're IN YOUR HOUSE!!!!


go get 'em Rocky!!!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what turns up. I have heard there is trouble with raccoons in TO and our relatives in Vancouver have problems too. We don't have raccoons in Alberta so that is one less critter to deal with. Good luck in catching your guy.

oreneta said...

GM, that's why we moved, catching some sleep.

elPadawan, surveillance cameras, now there's an idea...

Beth, I wouldn't wonder about that mite issue....

Beth...not a happy moment in the hallway, but we also moved out. The house sitters duties only go so far.

Dawn, certainly these guys were brazen. I didn't realise there weren't raccoons out there. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

I hate raccoons... they are mean nasty creatures that will kill your pets! Once, Rex got into a fight to the death with a raccoon and he survived (the raccoon didn't). The vet bill was outrageous, then we had to quarantine Rex and take the raccoon body to be tested for rabies.

Hope your situation resolves less violently than ours did.