Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I just LOVE these kinds of conversations

Well that was fun.

Last summer at one of the camps the girls went to, eldest was verbally abused and sworn at regularily by a fellow(male)camper. She didn't like it much - to say the least - but we kind of rode with it as it was managable, and frankly....welcome to the real world of being female.

This year apparently, at the same camp, which the kids will be going to next week, there is a kid, or a group of kids (boys), who are verbally abusing, swearing at and hitting on the girls. One of the girls is dropping out of the camp because of the, oh, lets just call a spade a spade here, OK? because of the sexual harrassment she is experiencing at camp.

Now, you know, I love my daughter, and I want her to be fully equipped to go out into the world. That does not however include dealing with sexual harrassment at camp, so I put in a little phone call to the camp director today to make it PERFECTLY clear that this will NOT be happening this week, and that the abusers and not the abused would be leaving the camp without passing go and without collection $200.

Lets hope it works.

Wouldn't it be nice to NOT have to make these phone calls?


elPadawan said...

isn't it time you teach her some advanced maths?

knee + groin = peace.

kay, maybe a little hard, there. But I would call that self-defense.

swenglishexpat said...

Here is some male support. It is awful what you describe. What are/were the leaders doing? They should make sure the abusing boys are dealt with. It is one the most important tasks, duties, of any youth leader or teacher, to be very strong and clear regarding social issues like that, abuse of any kind. I know, I am a teacher. Let's hope your PERFECTLY clear message got through!

MaR said...

How awful!!
can't imagine a situation like that. Hope your message was clearly understood!
Got back from sailing, the floor is still shaking, lol!

Anonymous said...

you know - working in business - the air gets thinner at the top I've heard - and the presence of women as well! But I must say that i have been overwhelmingly lucky to work with men who - while not overly polite at times - have almost always been kind and understanding of a woman in that position.
BUT - what I wanted to say - NON SEQUITER (sp?) coming - is that your last blog for some reason reminded me of a question for all:
When do you tend to give people asking for money on the street money? When you have been lucky that day? When you have had a totally crap day or something bad has happened to you? When they are holding a small baby? I have contemplated my motives on this a few times and would be interested to hear...(JC formerly PL now FR)

oreneta said...

elPadawan, a thought, but in all seriousness it does not address the grave nature of sexual harassment. Tempting though it is, these girls obviously did not feel safe enough to deliver this type of immediate feedback.

Swedish expat: from what I heard today, the girls have left camp and the boys are still there, not clear enough...I am working on greater clarity.

Mar glad the sailing was great!

JC...see next post and glad you haven't been handed much crap.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice not to have to make those kinds of calls. It amazes me however that someone hasn't dealt with it already. Now that, unfortunately is the realm of the real world, 'indifference'.

oreneta said...

dawn, at least it is starting conversations with the girls around the issues....