Monday, July 21, 2008

Literary tag...

elPadawan has tagged me, I have to go to the nearest book, and write down what I find on page 123, line 5, and write down the three next lines.

Hmmm, I'm at work, lets see what I can do....this certainly makes a pleasant change from whining about parenting.

OK, I'll do two just cause I want to....the first is from Freakonomics by Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner, which I found fascinating, it is a mathematician/economist's look at why we do what we do, and among other tempting tidbits, it pointed out that McDurfals and crack dealers use exactly the same business model. Hmmm.

Here's my quote...

Criminals who would have previously been set free - for drug-related offences and parole revocation in particular - were instead locked up. Between 1980 and 2000, there was a fifteenfold increase in the number of people sent to prison on drug charges.

This was actually quite an interesting book, and I would recommend it.

I'll also do another one, cause I am currently reading Free the Children by Craig Kielburger which he wrote, with a little help, when he was 15 and starting out his work with Free the Children. I was actually lying in bed last night thinking that I have to give this book to Eldest. I think she would love it and be inspired by it. and maybe get a little perspective

So, in honour of enslaved children everywhere, I will also quote from
It's Our World Too: Young people who are making a difference, how they do it and how you can too! by Phillip Hoose, which I would also very very highly recommend.

Finally, the children would chose the winning design, and architects would build it in 1994, using money that the children had raised. It would be ready by August of 1995, in time to draw the world's attention to the bombing of Hiroshima and to their commitment to peace.

So there you go, I will tag anyone who wants to play, but I am hoping that Beth, Hula and Beth play along.


elPadawan said...

Nice books :). I know you always have interesting reads, and I was pretty sure that being out of spain would give you a better access to books, hence increasing your readings :p

Angel said...

I don't know if I'm one of your "Beths" or not but here goes..
"sure," he says. "sorry about the confusion. I'm out of the office today, and had my calls forwarded. When are you looking to come in?"
"When are you available?"
"How does tomorrow sound?" he says. "One o'clock sharp?"

my nearest book was "The Year of Fog" by Michelle Richmond and it's wonderful. I'm reading it AGAIN!!!

Love you Rocky!

Beth said...

I did this tag on my blog ages ago but I'll "play" here. Other than dictionaries and a thesaurus, the book closest to me is Winnie-the-Pooh.

"...and Kanga came up and took one end of it, and between them they held it across the lower part of the pool; and Roo, still bubbling proudly, "Look at me swimming," drifted up against it, and climbed out."

BTW, your eldest really might enjoy the Free The Children Organization. Sam belonged to it quite a while ago and then became a member of one of its offshoots, Leaders Today (went to Thailand with this group) before joining One Child.

oreneta said...

elPadawan, if I could only match up the access to books, and more time.....there's a couple of other books mentioned in the next post too.

Bullwinkle darling, you are always one of my Beths...and I'm going to get that book you mentioned out and READ IT....

Beth...I so so so love Winne the Pooh...I know what the next line is I think in fact. I am sincerely hoping that she will be inspired by Free the is soooo brilliant. Probably part of why your Sam seems such a wonderful empathetic guy...though maybe there is a chicken and egg there, but these sort of involvements cannot do anything but reinforce empathy, don't you think?