Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mothers and daughters.

I have teased my Mother for years and years about the fact that her high heels got higher and higher as I got taller and taller.


Eldest now has grown so tall she comes up to, lets say, about my mouth.

I bought the first pair of high heel shoes I've ever owned in my whole life today.

Two and a half inch heels.

I will TOWER over the man.


I blame my mother (doesn't everyone for everything?)

It must be genetic.

Though she can now bug me for the rest of my live long days.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely sight - you racing about in high heels - it takes years of practice to do it right and you're starting a bit late, aren't you?
I waddled down the aisle as a bridesmaid in 1958 scared to death I'd fall flat on my face.
I'd bought my first high heels the day before! Cheers!!! GM

Beth said...

Good for you!
I'll be waiting for the post where you groan about your aching back and legs after wearing those high heel shoes for an evening - or a day. But you'll look fabulous!

elPadawan said...

I call that the cycle of life :)

oreneta said...

GM...still debating returning them...the girls say I don't waddle, but I don't know.

Beth, yeah, you're right, I am still debating returning them, I haven't done anything committing like wear them outside or anything.

elPadawan, just you wait buster brown, just you wait.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

You know, I've started wearing taller shoes lately, too, but I never made this connection. Hmmmm. You may be on to something.

elPadawan said...

mwah ah ah ah ah. My gf is taller than me already, and I still don't wear platform shoes ;). You know how tall I am, I'll be happy when my kids top me in height ;).

Anonymous said...

I have 3 kids taller than me and youngest is up to my nose. Not much longer and I will be the shortest, Sirdar a close second.