Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big houses

I never ever ever want a big house. It. has. taken. me. all. day. to give this place a lick and a promise. I shudder to think what it would take to really get it clean. OMG.

It is a stunning house, love it in many ways, but small places are for me.

On another note the kids were helping, of course, and I have to say they were being VERY helpful and there was no hassle, they were even asking what they could do next. Died and gone to heaven.

Youngest very kindly did one of the bathrooms, she even folded and put away all the towels. It was only later I discovered some were still wet.



Beth said...

If you ever have a really big house, you'd probably hire people to help clean it!
Love the wet towels.

hulagirlatheart said...

Yum. I love grabbing a towel as I step out of the shower and realize it's sour because someone put it away damp. Good times.

elPadawan said...

unlike Beth, I would say that if you ever *can afford* the really big house, you *can afford* the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

How lovely that your little helpers were real little people!!!!
Mick Jagger must hate you!
It's raining cats and dogs in Riga and I AM SO DELIGHTED my apartment is huge enough for 4 guests and me.
We needn't fall over one another whenever one of us moves.
Your life on the boot has given all of you a completely different sense of personal space as opposed to physical space on the horizon!!!GM

oreneta said...

I honestly have to say, I hope I never have a really big house, Beth, it is just not enough fun.

Hula, yeah...gross, and I smell all nice and clean and I feel like that yucky sour towel smell is going to cling to me all day and I'll get whiffs of it periodically...ugh.

elPadawan, if you can afford the really big house, lets hope you can afford the cleaners, cause gosh, it wouldn't be any fun to clean,

GM, it is nice to have room for guests, that is the downside...and yes, I think the time on the boat gave us an appreciation for spaces, the apartment in Spain feels big still, though I know it is small.

mmichele said...

I have a big house. We are hoping to sell half of it. I don't like it either.

dawn said...

We have a small house and it doesn't take long to clean. It also doesn't take long to mess up with six people in a small space. I would like a somewhat larger space with the number of people we have, but I wouldn't want a huge house to have to clean either.