Sunday, August 3, 2008

Story time

I have to say, I LOVE reading to the girls at bed time.


We have been slipping away from it in Spain, and it is the very first time I have managed it here. That is a very sad fact indeed. I am going to have to make a much stronger commitment to making bedtime stories happen regularily.

That said, what are your favourite books to either have read to you, or that you have read aloud? C'mon, there must be tons of good ones, and this way maybe we can all find a new one.

I love any and all of the Arthur Ransom books...well, there is one I am not so fond of.

Youngest loves Ramona, it's OK...I love Sophie, which the Brits will recognise, and maybe can tell us the author as I can't remember and it is fantastic.

The Cimorene series was amazing, actually called the Enchanted Forest Chronicles(?) by Patricia C. Wrede....fantastic, we read a bunch of them back to back one day in the Bahamas while waiting for weather, I wasn't sure my voice was going to make it, but it was so worth it.

Also anything at all by Patricia Polacco.

Oh, I could go on and on....Nomad asked me to put up a link to a list somewhere....I may do just that, but the three or four of you who are not away for the long weekend, you can also put up some selections you love.

I am just so glad I got to lay in bed with the girls and read stories. The world is balancing out right again.


Jocelyn said...

I am SO with you; I often think the reading before bed is my favorite time of the day, my favorite moment of parenting. My 8-year-old daughter recently had us work through the CAM JANSEN series, but now we're way into the AMERICAN GIRL books (I'm dazzled by them; a month ago I snorted at them as "packaged" and such...but they're smart books for smart girls). My son had us cruise through the MAGIC TREEHOUSE series and now we're onto GERONIMO STILTON!

hulagirlatheart said...

I started reading at night to my daugher before she was born and continued until sometime in fourth grade. Our last book together was a Harry Potter book. My all time favorites though, were Junie B. Jones, the Berenstein Bears, Little Critter and the bestest most wonderful bedtime book ever...The Velveteen Rabbit. She and I were just talking about this the other day.

mmichele said...

I loved the Arthur and the Seeing Stone trilogy.
Also, for older ones, William Bell's writing is amazing (and Canadian!)
Picture books--Chris Van Alsburg.
Shakespeare Stories by Leon Garfield and Michael Foreman.
Come to think of it, anything by Michael Morpugo or Michael Foreman. Also Ursula leGuin and of course Madeline L'engle.

Oh i better stop.

Helen said...

All the Winnie the Pooh books - they just work for reading aloud. Anything by Roald Dahl - I had really good voices for the characters in The Witches. Alan Ahlberg, Dick King Smith (who wrote the Sophie stories and the story Babe was based on), Dr Seuss, nursery rhymes and fairy tales. I was really disappointed when my kids got too old to read to because I loved it, but past 8 or so they read to themselves instead.

oreneta said...

Hope these keep coming in...I can add more too, in the morning...such good books, and thanks Helen for the hook to Dick King smith for the Sophie books.

elPadawan said...

I don't remember bedtime stories. But knowing how to read since I was 4, I was picking up many books and comics in the evening and reading them before going to bed. Does it count if nobody is reading them to me? ;)

mmichele said...

Dick King Smith is amazing! I loved Friends and Brothers, and Mr. Potter's Pet, especially. (More importantly, I suppose, so did my boys.)

oreneta said...

elPadawan, if you read it I figure it counts...who'd you like? Tintin by chance?

Mmichele, Oh ohohohoh....have you read the Mr Putter books? Cynthia Rylant RULES! She also has Henry and Mudge which are awesome....

dawn said...

I don't read nearly as much to the kids now that they are older. I love to do it, but the running around we are doing is cutting into that time. Did you get the Scout book? I have read a number in the the catalogue. Funny how I don't remember a lot about many of the books but I do remember enjoying it or it being a so-so book.

Terrie said...

My most favorite ever with first and second son 12 years apart is Where the Wild Things Are. The line I'll eat you up!! is the best
We also love the Magic Tree House Series. I think you gave Robbie his first one something about Dolphins at day break or something. Of course Harry Potter is great.