Friday, August 1, 2008

Long WeeeEEEEkkkkend!

It's the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whatcha doin'?

If I weren't so sleepy I would giggle gleefully, but I am sleepy.

We are doing very very little which is JUST fine.

Plan to read, watch the girls swim, nap, read, visit some family and friends, maybe sail. Did I mention read and nap and watch the girls swim? Maybe watch a movie or three?

My plan and I love it.


Anonymous said...


dawn said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. I usually use my Saturdays like that but in an hour I will start getting things ready for a barbecue fire pit we are having in a couple of hours. It would be nice if the weather was a bit better. Oh well, we will work with it. Sirdar's parents are coming tomorrow and we are having friends of theirs over and other family for their anniversary. Other than that, we will try to get some work done around the place. The donkeys are getting out of their pen so we are going to improve their fence. I am still working on the outhouse. And, the raspberries are ready so I will work on them as well. Always something to do.

oreneta said...

GM, you too!

Dawn, you always get so much done, it is impressive....hope the weather was good for you. It was beautiful here.

Carla said...

Let's see... went to visit Jack and his parents yesterday, then today cleaned out the garage. There's a reason why I am doing this, but that is a later post on my blog! LOL

So what is the countdown now... 5 days, 6??

hulagirlatheart said...

Three day weekend---groceries, errands, six hours on a bus to and from a water park, long hot day in the sun with little kids, church, visit with parents, laundry...whew! I wanted a nap but didn't get one. Oh, well. Plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead.

elPadawan said...

I think you already know what I am doing ;)

oreneta said...

Carla...less than that now!!! GLEEEEE

HUla...Napping...mmmmmm. I think it is expecially lovely because we have so few opportunities to do it.

elPadawan, yes indeed I know what your up to....glad it went well.