Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dog blog

Chuck is MIS.BE.HAVIN'.

He's staying with a friend in Spain while the man is here....if it keeps on like this it is going to be a long long month for our friend.


Peed on the couch...twice.

Scared the cat so thoroughly that she won't come out to pee or eat, all afternoon and night.

Barked over and over in the night, two nights running.

Towed my friend around on walks, all the time.

Ate all of her dog's food as well as his own, twice.

Though she claims he is having some charming moments, she locked him out of her bedroom at night so that he won't maniacly chase the cat all over the bed at night, and he is OUTRAGEOUSLY happy to see her and her dog in the morning. OUTRAGEOUSLY. She is charmed, she says.

She's leaving him at our place for a bunch of the time so the cat can eat something and have a pee from time to time.

HO hum

She's going to try homeopathic Bach Flower remedy on him. If it helps, that would be great.

Hope it doesn't trash the friendship. Gonna have to get her a good gift.

A really good gift.


elPadawan said...

I thought Chuck would come with the man. Too big to travel?

Carla said...

Your bad dog would get along great with my bad kitty. They both like to pee on stuff!

Glad your man is home with you again...

Jason said...

As much as I love pets, sometimes they're just so hard to take!

oreneta said...

elPadawan, not too big to travel, but it is a huge hassle to fly with him, and kind of dangerous for the dog. We brought him over last summer, but they lost him in Zurich...found him again thankfully, but when our buddy volunteered to watch him, we thought we'd try. What we'll do next year I don't know. We'll have to see.

Carla, I am told that it is normal for a dog to do that when he goes to a new place, sort of a territory staking kind of thing. Bad dog nonetheless. Seems the peeing thing has stopped, enough of the house smells of him now I guess. BAD DOG>

Jason, I have to admit I agree, but I never in a million years thought I would love and enjoy the dog as much as I do....miss him as a matter of fact.

hulagirlatheart said...

I think he's showing you how unhappy he is about being shipped off to a sitter. Our dog pulls all the pillows off the sofa and beds when he's left alone longer than he wants to be and pouts when he comes home from a kennel. We've spoiled him.

dawn said...

I always feel bad when our pet misbehaves for someone and I find it quite annoying when the neighbour's dog visits and pees on the garbage can. That led to our dogs peeing on the garbage can. That would be the kitchen one. Anyway, the neighbours dog hasn't been visiting in a while because of that. George will usually leave a brown deposit somewhere when he arrives, and thinks he is staying. He did it in front of my mom's water cooler when we went on vacation once. Once we leave he is okay. I hope you dog settles in for your friend.