Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting serious with the quirkiness

Alright, *rolling up my sleeves*


You read about number 1, my apparent inability to roll over in my sleep, though I can grind my teeth.

Number 2, ...pause to watch Michael Phelps win his 6th
gold medal at the games.... I bought my first bras, make-up and high
heels this summer. Please not that I am not a child, nor an adolescent.

Number 3, I will eat anything that I like for breakfast. Anything, as long as I like it.

Number 4, hmmm, I have a strange affinity for wild animals this summer.

Number 5, the Catalans would definitely say, and even in TO it's a little odd, I wear hats. A lot. And I like them.

Number 6: the man has suggested several, a) I bug him - I will point out that
he has been here less than a week, how bad can it be... b) I am learning Catalan c) I live next to a castle in Spain. While these might be nuts, I am not sure
that they are quirky. So for number 6 I will say that....I keep my hair
long and straight - kind of hippy-ish - chiefly because it is easier for my husband to cut, and I only have to get him to cut it once a year, maybe twice.

Ta daaaaa.

Kinda boring I guess. I think I am maybe more weird, or unusual than quirky....

I tag anyone who wants to do it...

Have a lovely Friday.



elPadawan said...

interesting. I think we can't gape too much about France's swimming performances at the olympics... Oh well ;).

oreneta said...

Canada ain't setting anything on fire either...I think we don't have a single medal of any colour. Ah well. Just watched Phelps win gold number 7. Amazing. I think the men's 100 meter is going to be an amazing race as well.

Like the Olympics.

hulagirlatheart said...

Grinder right here, too. I even have to wear the mouthguard or else my teeth would wear down to nubbins's.

dawn said...

I used to keep my hair long and straight, with bangs and my girls were cutting it. Then I started going for hair day with my mom and sister. I like my hair, but it isn't as easy as having it long and straight and putting it in a ponytail when it needs to be washed.