Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blame the Olympics, or...a dog is a dog.

The games, they are just killing my blogging, killing it....

Chuck is now sleeping at our house, our buddy had to close her balcony door because he barked at the cats in the street, and had to close her bedroom door because he barked at the cat in the bed, and it turned into a sauna. She moved him home for the nights.

He's being a dog.

But now hunting season has opened up in our area, possibly all Catalonia???...what a bunch of dorks. Shooting at song birds for crying out loud. Adds another level of challenge to the whole adveture of walking the dogs. Ignoring the regular dog fights you have to break up, now there are trigger happy fruit loops taking pot shots at anything that moves. Going to limit the off-leash time the dogs get. It is technically two days a week, but the guys have been out of the woods so long, unable to blast small birds into little more than bundles of floating fluff, that they are out all sorts of days and times, trigger happy. Fun wow.

I think I am going to get our buddy a REALLY big gift. Indeed, I am going to pick her up a Sony Book Reader, which she wants pretty badly. Maybe we'll still be friends at the end of it all.

Seems like Chuck might be coming with us next summer.

That'll be cool too.


Beth said...

Ah, Chuck is just missing you all so much - doesn't like the change. He is simply being a dog.
But good idea to buy your friend a gift - and save the friendship! She's a trooper.

hulagirlatheart said...

I have gotten very little sleep in the last week or so. The Olympics are broadcast until about midnight each night, and I CANNOT turn them off. I resigned myself to being tired for another week.

Beth said...

Chuck is just missing his family!!! Poor Chuck.

and I have a little something for you and your girls...some bags that I made. I need a "mail to" address.....I'm not a stalker, I promise. ;)

Love ya Rocky Sue!

elPadawan said...

oh, and what about that Amazon book reader you were so eagerly looking forward too? Could you find one (or equivalent) since you arrived?

dawn said...

What a great gift for your buddy. I am sure she will forgive you in time;-) with that gift. Dog sitting is not for the faint of heart; she is a good friend.

oreneta said...

Beth, so true, she is a dream, and we have to thank her...Chuck is being a dog....

Hula, I am just SO tired. Thank god the winter ones are in Vancouver...a better time zone.

Beth, love ya too...sent the e-mail...Chuck's a dog doing dog things. It'll be great to see him again. Whew.

elPadawan, I need an American bank account to get an Amazon reader....and the sony one? The books I want to read are as expensive as ordering them. No incentive.

Dawn, no indeed, it is not for the faint of heart at all, lets all hope the outcome is better than my go at it.