Monday, August 25, 2008

Running around

We have now entered the errand phase of the trip. The last couple or weeks of the summer are always spent running frantically from place to place trying to get all those last minute things done, as well as seeing all the people we never got it together to see so far...


Life is good though, seeing lots of folks and getting things crossed off the list.

Are you a list person?

I so am....when we were getting ready to go on the boat I actually had a book of lists. Lists related to different aspects of getting ready, systems lists, house lists, chores lists, most urgent lists, I actually came up with a really cool chart that clearly showed what was most urgent in each of the categories.

Makes me sound quite uptight, but in reality if you are going to try and get that kind of a project off the ground, some really serious organisation is necessary.

I now have a double sided single sheet spread. One side is a calender for the next two weeks, a frantic attempt to not double or (god forbid) triple book myself, and on the other, the list.

This is comparatively non-frantic, unlike getting on the boat, so it is a single list...there are some sub-lists on individual days. We'll get it all done this way though...

It'll certainly wizz by fast, now to locate some camping gear....that's the plan this coming weekend, and to dig up an idea of where we want to go....ho hum homework, fun stuff though.

Any suggestions?

We don't want to car camp, but our canoe is at a friend's cottage so we have to hike in, though we don't want to have to hike very far with all the kit.....

Should be fun.

Hope you had a great Monday, ours was nice.




Beth said...

Of course I'm a list person! I think most women are. But you've outdone me with the nature and depth of your lists (sub-lists!).
Sounds like your last few weeks here will be wonderful. Frantic, but wonderful. Enjoy.

hulagirlatheart said...

I am a list person at work because I'm usually juggling several projects at once. At home though, I don't really do lists, except for the grocery list, and that one is a must. Hubby? Very much a list maker!

My Monday was great until the three hour visit from the life insurance rep. that brought a screeching halt to my pleasant evening. Sigh.

elPadawan said...

I probably should be a list person... I am not, or rather, I make the lists in my head :)

Anonymous said...

WHAT does it say about me if I make lists but can't find them when I need them?GM

Jason said...

Oh, this makes me tired!

dawn said...

I do lists and some lists are in my head. Lists are great when I have a lot of things to remember because I am not stressing about trying to remember the things that are written down.

Carla said...

Oh yes, I'm a list person, too! I think it keeps you focused and goal oriented.

So??? Where did you camp and was it fun?

Anonymous said...

I am lost without a list! but you are a pro!
enjoy the last part of your trip :)