Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Two bolts here. Did you see Bolt in the 200 meter semi? Totally totally dissed the American runners, slowed down so he would cross the line just in front of them. They did not look pleased. I am DYING to see what he can really do.


We're bolting for a few days, we've got a couple extra days on the car rental now that I have finished work, and we're making a run for it to visit some friends we haven't seen in about two and a half years.

SO good.

Cruiser buddies.

We'll be sleeping on a real cruising boat tomorrow night.



Anonymous said...

Have a great time

Beth said...

Enjoy your "bolt."
You deserve some vacation/down-time this summer.

mmichele said...

i imagine that there are no dying dogs or racoons on a cruiser... have a nice time!

hulagirlatheart said...

Bolt is AMAZING! I too, would like to see just how fast he really is. I could watch him all day. Enjoy your outing! Sounds like fun.

elPadawan said...

enjoy the cruise :)

Carla said...

a real cruising boat!!! I'm jealous, but I will console myself by my retreat up in Lake Tahoe.

Do share pictures so I can enjoy your travels, too. Have a great time!

Beth said...

you lucky lucky girl, you....and Bolt DID run away with Olympics this year!!! he was fantastic! USA?..meh...not so much...dropped batons, horrible times, not even making finals...sorry.

I mailed you a little somethin to Ontario....it should get there within 10 days, and I mailed it 4 days ago!

oreneta said...

GM, we mostly did....it was wonderful, though mostly in the US...

Beth, I think so too...we're looking at going camping net weekend, I am looking forward to that mightily...

mmichele, mostly jellyfish, nothing I had emotional responsability for, thank goodness.

Hula, wish I had seen the relay, sounds like that was amazing...Bolt cruising along behind the final runner!

elPadawan, yes sir! ;-) It was great.

Carla, how was Tahoe? sounds like fun.

Beth, just love you....Bolt is simply amazing, I have to admit, it feels like Canada didn't do very well too, though they claim we have gotten a lot of medals even in comparison to previous years, so I don't know what's up with that. Any of your running boys have ambitions to the Olympics?

Peter H said...

gotta rub it in a bit.......the US runners screwed up big time in the relay......Jamaica scores big time! Bolt can RUN!