Sunday, January 24, 2010


Finished Robinson's Gideon this morning.  Can't recommend it highly enough.  Honestly.

We went into BCN today, the Man and I, and we went to the weekly bookfair at the Sant Antoni Market.  It is held on Sundays.

It is HUGE!  We were there for two an a half hours and barely scratched the surface.

You have got to love a city that can have such an enormous used book fair every weekend and have that sort of a turn out.  Some Gegants even went by and few people raised their heads from their treasure hunting.

I got some goodies for the girls, and some tiny little pocket westerns that may get absorbed into the canvas a day paper.....I also heard an interview with Ted Harrison on CBC and one of the nice things about this project is that I can have a chance to try out a whole bunch of ideas and themes...try on different styles...check out different work and see what happens.  I like Harrison's work a lot.  The bright colours, the simplified lines....

Back to the book market......

The man got a couple of books to read in Spanish as well for practice.

One thing I found surprising was that there was a surprising (to me) quantity of p*rn, video, comic and books...there was a 'how to shoot and star in your own home p*rn film' book and two separate books of er*tic christmas stories at two separate booths.  Books of animal er*tica and s*x and also a quite old book of s*xual idiosyncrases.

Quite exhaustive.

There was a great deal more of other stuff, most of it in Spanish, some in Catalan and even one or two books in English.....

You have got to love a place that has so many books and so many people interested in them.


J.G. said...

My voice does the same thing when I'm sick. Does the Man like it? C.S. does.

Good one on the slippers. I have limped through another winter without a decent pair. Maybe the spring sales will be kind to me.

Word verification: phets (alternative spelling for feets, as in cold ones cured by the slippers?).

oreneta said...

The man hasn't said...though lots of other people time it went way way up into mickey mouse land. That was horrid, and I basically stopped speaking.

BUY SLIPPERS jg...I can say with all honestly, makes a WORLD of difference! Love the phets. How phitting.