Monday, January 18, 2010

Dogs, mucky mucky mud, appendicitis and quacks.

Had another good long march through the hills today, this time with two dogs.  A friend ended up in hospital all day as here 22 year old daughter had an emergency appendectomy.  Stupid doctor had told her that she had the flu.  The thing ruptured before they got her on the table for goodness sakes.

Anyway, it was some mucky out there boys....and when I got to my friend's place to drop her off I was faced with a wee dilemma.  Mucky dog, unknown etiquette for cleaning said dog and full knowledge that her dogginess, Nonna who you have met before, spends a great deal of her time in and on my friend's bed.

Figuring, correctly I imagine, that my bud would not be best impressed if she came home exhausted and worn from a day spent pacing and worrying to find a bed soaked and gritty with doggy mudcakes I made the unilateral decision that grabbing a towel from her bathroom would be a far better option.

Distressingly it was a pink towel.  A light pink towel.  Not wanting to rummage I thought I should stick to that.  I draped it prominently in to air and dry and hoped it wasn't her all time favourite towel.

She is actually very very low maintenance, so there was a good chance this would be just fine indeed.

Good news is, her daughter has had surgery and is doing fine.  Without anti-biotics, which I find weird, but whatever.  She is home and sleeping and the dog got a walk.

I have to admit that I would have had, at minimum, words with said Doc quack who did not so much as palpatate the girls stomach and left her with raging appendicitis for five days before her FATHER insisted that she go to hospital where it RUPTURED!

I count myself lucky I know some of the symptoms, but imagine!


Helen said...

There is a lot to be said for short haired dogs when mud is present.

oreneta said...

Nonna, my friend's dog, is the greyhound from the photos. She certainly cleans up a whole lot more easily.