Monday, January 25, 2010

Someday I'll come up with a proper post...for now, updates.

Painting a canvas a day experiment:  fairly good.  Kind of frustrating cause I can't finish much, but a brush in my hand every day = great.  I am waiting for some themes to emerge. 

I have an idea or two cooking around, and with 365 or so paintings to work with, there are some possibilities.

Muddy day for walking again = fabulous, NO ONE ELSE was out!!!!  I'm getting faster too, cool to be able to notice.

Dickons', the Bleak House:   Harold Skimpole is someone I would like to smack upside the head, hard.    I can feel myself grinding my teeth every time he appears.

Toni Morrison's Bluest Eye second time through: more depressing.  Also more interesting because I see the writing more clearly.

Hate it when I have an idea for a post and can't remember it when it comes time to write.  Same idea three days running, but when evening rolls around I CANNOT remember.  Maybe I should write on early onset alzheimers.

My voice has disappeared today and been replaced by a gin-drinking filterless-smoking baritone.   Quite a surprise to all around me when I open my mouth.  Something of a challenge for my students.

Look what I bought myself:

This may be Spain, but I can assure you that the floors here are cold.  Not anymore!

Welsh sheepskin slippers.  Imported by yours truly.  I LOVE them, even if they are just a wee bit ugly.  They are so warm I'll forgive them most anything.

Hope you had a lovely day.




Beth said...

Awww...your slippers are only "a wee bit ugly" in a very cute way. I love them and they look so cosy!

Lynda said...

You can keep the slippers so long as you don't wear them when you leave the house. I grew up in the land of the Ugg Boot.. wearing them on the street and paying 300euro a pair goes against everything I believe in. Lord knows, when I was a young slip of a girl, the ONLY people that wore Uggs outdoors were THOSE GIRLS from the WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS...if you know what I mean..

Might not help... I too have 'sometimers' so I keep a digital post it note on my desktop and jot down blog post ideas when they come.. of course when I go back to look at them weeks later I will have written something like "frog"... what the hell did I want to write about!!!

kate said...

Cool slippers! I actually wear socks to bed most of the year (NOT summer, of course) for the very reason you mentioned-- cold floors, and no telling how many times I will be called to get up in the middle of the night to attend to assorted issues.

LOve the canvas-a-day idea. Are you going to be posting them here as well? I see the "A" in the sidebar but don't know if there have been others so far because I often just read from the GoogleReader. And I love your Spain slide show-- awesome!!!

I still haven't read Gilead, but it has been recommended to me before.

oreneta said...

Beth...thank you!

Lynda, I was looking at Ugg type booties, but the price!!!!! I'm not THAT cold....I do post ideas as saved posts, the problem is when I think of them in class, or when I am out walking......

Kate! I am blessedly past the getting up in the night stage...but these slippers? Yummy.

The photos are going up in the sidebar. The A was so yesterday! I have to update that slideshow....Read Gilead. Really, it is amazing.

hulagirlatheart said...

Ha! Hubby has taken to carrying around a notepad in order to remember everything he needs to remember each day. Monday, he forgot his notepad.

oreneta said...

Oh, the poor man...I have done that at one time, early on in the blog I did, then I developed the ability to remember. I seem to have lost it again.....

Helen said...

Like the slippers, but disagree with Lynda. I got Uggs for Xmas (admittedly in the sale so half price) and I LOVE them. It is like wearing slippers outdoors, but this is the first winter I have had warm feet. Love them!

oreneta said...

Helen, thank you! uggs do seem very comfy......warm feet are worth most anything.