Monday, January 4, 2010

Reading passionately

Youngest is reading, what I think, is the first book she can. not. put. down.

LOVE that.

Harry Potter, book 1....bought it for her (in English) two days ago around 1 pm, and by 9pm she was half way through already......

Magic when you get grabbed by a book like that.

Glad I bought book 2 as well since she finished 1 last night.

Then I got book 3 today!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Funny you should mention the Potter series. My son is already an avid reader at 6. Knowing he will be hitting the Harry Potter books one day, I've read the first and second, have the third on hand - just so I know what he will be getting in to. As an adult, they are good for a quick read, entertaining and I can see the attraction for the younger crowd.

My heat is not cranked up at all! It's barely at 20 celcius and the baseboard that beetle crawled out of was at the outside door. Go figure, but a few days ago I found my ladybug within the same 3 square feet. It must be a bug-energy thang.

Lynda said...

As a 'reader' there is nothing more exciting that the day you discover your offspring have been bitten. I think we readers tend to read aloud to our children more, so it gets into their DNA... a lovely thing.
Your comment on my blog yesterday about the word verification really made me laugh aloud... Hahahaha... well done. Challenge on!

Word Verification: stated... well that about sums it up!

oreneta said...

Bodhi, Potter...they get scarier as you go along, and I really didn't like book 5, to the point that I waited two years before reading 6....they are excellent, and youngest is not the first to read them passionately. They are pretty interesting from a literary perspective, as in the themes she covers. The lady knew what she was doing and they are tight. Not a strand left unanswered. Amazing feat to carry through so many books.

Lynda, I am reading to Eldest does get into their DNA, but sometimes a little assistance is necessary. Boredom can be a great boost for active kids....I don't get a word verification on my own blog....gauntlet acknowledged.

elpadawan said...

I think parents around the world praise Rowling for having managed to accomplish what seem like an impossible task: bring back to millions of kids the love of reading.

I did enjoy reading the series very much (so I already liked reading in the first place).

I think I also read of some doctors prescribing reading interruption on the harry potter series, after some child got sick from lack of sleep and eat after reading too much Potter in a row.

oreneta said...

ElP, in my experience, such that it is, some kids come to reading effortlessly and passionately, some need a reason to surge over the hump of work required to read fluently and effortlessly. They can read, but it is work. Passion for books and stories instilled and supported by parents who read and who read to children help. Comic books, silly as it sounds, help a lot. Lots of pictures and short stories...anthologies of snoopy cartoons for instance, four pictures a few words = a complete story...a funny one too. Magazines on topics for which they hold a passion can do it. A certain amount of boredom helps. Youngest is an active kid who always wants to be DOING something, making things, playing, talking, games, sports, people....books are a little lower on the list because they are still work. Probably not assisted as she is also gaining fluency in reading and speaking two other languages at the same time. She needed a story that COMPELLED her. She read Nancy Drews, and that was fine, but it was a bit of a last option. I had to be pretty deliberately boring (this is part of why we did so little this Christmas...I had a plan) but Harry Potter....she will chose to read that over doing things for part of the time. No worries about lack of sleep or food or games that one. She also spent the day making seaglass jewelry and we went voyaging around as well. A nice balance.

Good thing you like reading. I've written a tome.