Friday, January 1, 2010

EEEeeeekkkkk! Say WHAT!?!?!?

Mona Lisa has a face....that is good.  It is also the easiest part of the puzzle, the rest is shades of black and brown and la la la la la.

Babysat another dog for the day....a hilarious series of photos...for tomorrow as I ended up chatting with Nomad for an hour or more and so I am online quite late and quite tired...totally worth it.

Picnic lunch in the mountains.  What a glorious day.  Got out of the HOWLING wind and it was lovely.  I am even a little sunburnt and I was wearing sunscreen!

We were sitting around chatting last night and ended up checking our heart rates.  The man, who is a lifelong athlete and is training for a marathon, has a resting heart rate of about 45.  That is off the scale low for athletic 18 year olds.  The man is a wee bit older.  I checked mine and was alarmed to discover it was 80!  Granted that was not a resting rate as I was taking it at the end of the day, not first thing in the morning.  80 is in my age group, indeed in nearly all age groups, "below average".  The only thing left on the scale below it is labelled something like "nearly dead, write your will".  My heart rate probably accelerated when I read this. I also debated laying the blame fully on the first set of architects.  If I work at it a while I can probably blame them for everything from ingrown toenails through global climactic disaster....but, maybe that wouldn't be quite fair.

I get some exercise, walking the dogs in the hills for between an hour and two and a half hours a day depending on my class I was alarmed.

Took it again this first thing this morning.   Twice.

64.     Both times.

64 is officially "good"

Good is good, I think.


I still walked vigorously up the hills though....

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