Friday, January 22, 2010


Chuckbacca and I walked again today, getting faster.  Helped that it was a great deal more peaceful and thank goodness for that.

Day 2 of A Canvas a Day and I am still keeping up.  Doesn't say all that much, but it is good to be painting again, however badly.  By the same token, when one only has 20 minutes at a stretch, one gets less hung up on it.  Today's work? Lesson, persistence.  It has darkened down quite a bit as it dried.

Figured out what the dog was howling so endlessly about.  Seems there is a dog in heat somewhere nearby and his Chuckiness was in *ahem* love and singing long heartbreaking flamenco songs about it.

Stopped now, so that is a good thing.

Started up the Bleak House on the iPod.  Listened on my walk.  Only about 36 hours to go.  That's not at all intimidating!  Not sure I'll be able to keep track of it all at that length.  It is one of the things that is tricky about an audio book.  If you drift off and start thinking about something else in a book it is easy to go back to where your mind was still connected to your eyes drifting over the page, and if you are interrupted you generally stop reading. With an audio book, the back up feature is a hassle and it goes relentlessly on no matter what is going on around you.

We'll see how it goes.

Time for bed, I have the beginnings of a sore throat and must sleep soon.

Started on another Marilyn Robinson.  I am so in love with her writing.  Gideon this time.  Set Eldest off on Housekeeping, hope she loves it like I did, though I suspect not. The writing is ethereal, intense and quiet. Not sure she is there yet.


J.G. said...

I have the same problem with audio books. It takes a surprising amount of focus. I listened to Robert Frost in the car once and drove past my exit. Not good. The next exit was 45 miles away, so I had to cut through the median.

Hope you are not getting a cold!

oreneta said...

JG, think the cold is officially on it's way. My voice has gone all deep now and raspy...maybe it'l be laryngitis, that'll be amusing!

Audio books, they do take concentration. A bit surprising, but not really if you think about it.