Saturday, January 23, 2010

Paint and basketball and work.

What can I say today.

Youngest went and played basketball, got three baskets and had fun.  That is a Very Good Thing, because she hasn't been having fun with a bit and I went and had a little chat with the coach last week.  Coach gets a wee bit too intense at the games and has something of a fondness for sarcasm.  Borders on abusive.  Not a warm and fuzzy kind of thing.

Painted again today.  Some improvement....though the painting looked quite Antoni Tàpies for a bit there.  What started out as part of a door suddenly looked very grey and cross filled.  Not as interesting texturally as a Tàpies work though.  I have to say with him, I really don't like his vision of the world, and the near endless brown, grey and black crosses gets a little old, but his use of texture gets me every.single.time.

Youngest came up, looked over my shoulder and said I should gather up a bunch of Chuck's hair and stick it on, then add some uncooked rice and paint over it all.  It'd look just like a Tàpies then.

Gotta love it when your 11 year old is making art history jokes.

Learning from today....probably a good one beyond just painting: even when you doubt and think it doesn't look so great, keep working on it and wait for what's to come.

Working my way through Gideon rapidly, what a great book.  Funny in spots, mostly beautiful and wise.   Cannot recommend it highly enough.  I am going to have to be reading The Bluest Eye again for a class and also the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas again, in Catalan again, for a class.

This is turning into the most boring post in the whole wide world.  High point was Youngest's dog hair and rice comment.


Hi Beth!  Felt like you when I did that!

Katharine Hepburn.  What is not to love about that woman's acting.  We watched her and Spencer Tracey in "Pat and Mike" on Youtube tonight.  What a great movie.  Not a GREAT literary movie, but good fun.

My students, (some) adults and teens alike keep whining that what I ask them to do is difficult.  Honestly, if it were easy, what would be the point.  I actually asked one of them how often a week they think I hear that complaint.

- Donno

- At least three times a week -  I replied-

Then I asked him how much he thought I cared that they thought it was hard.


- Not the least little bit.

Honestly.  Why do they think I am there?


J.G. said...

I'm liking the way the door painting turned out.

I have some of that painted-over rice in my apartment, inside the kitchen cabinets. Definitely laziness, not art, in that location!

J.G. said...

P.S. How's your sore throat?

oreneta said...

JG, thanks about the door....hey, maybe you are actually a cutting edge modern artist and just don't know it!

Thanks for asking about the throat, coming out as mild laryngitis and will hopefully go away after that. Fingers crossed. How's your cold?