Tuesday, January 19, 2010

more muck. Fun too!

Mucky dogs to the muckier hills again today.  Getting quite the workout as everything gets slicker...I have the same tight two hour schedule, but I'm having to work rather harder to make it around in the sludge.

Chuck is now a gritty dog.

Hoping to make it out again tomorrow....Thursdays a no-hoper.  Hunting day.

I hate hun'n days.  Hate 'em.


Downloaded, along with my usual mass of podcasts etc., Dickens' Bleak House (is that two words or one?). Two it would seem.

I am adoring having the iPod.  Today on my walk I heard a story about people fly fishing in and curling on some of the Scottish lochs, and a frankly kind of sentimental story/memoir written by a woman who was a minister's wife out in Saskatoon ages ago.  It was OK.  Now I have, alongside the Bleak House....which does sound rather, well, bleak, "The Memory Book" which is a mystery by Howard Engle.  I like it because it involves a man with a bizarre memory loss, which apparently the author also suffered.  Between the Covers is actually a great source of free audio books.  They are shorter books and are mostly, but not exclusively Canadian.


I am adoring all the walking I am doing in the mountains these days.  I get out there about three times a week always, but I am so delighted I found this longer/slightly-less-than-two hour route that I can manage...it is mostly on roads, which isn't as fun, but they aren't heavily used anyway and I can pound up the hill as fast as I like.  The kids think I walk to fast and The Man doesn't like to break a sweat unless he's running.

I got to one of the plateaus today and was down to an undershirt having tied my jacket and scarf around my waist and carrying my turtleneck in my hand.  I indeed had been warm enough to fold the undershirt up so my belly was cooled.  As I rounded the corner though I saw a couple of guys standing around and decided that modesty was the better part of wisdom and converted the belly shirt to its more typical style.

There were still pretty stunned.  Watched me go by with a 'Bon dia', then finally asked if I wasn't cold.  Clearly, NO.  I did admit that it cooled off on the descents, though truth be told, despite the fact that we have been living inside a cloud for three days and I lost sight of the dog if he got more than 50 feet away from me, it has been a pleasant temp.  I didn't put the turtleneck on till I got to the village, and only there because it was just TOO freaky not to.  I've been out in an undershirt, turtleneck and jean jacket all day.

And a skirt.


My skin is getting all smooooooth with the damp air.

That said, bring back the sun now, m'kay?


Anonymous said...

careful not listening to the iPod too much during the day, it's not healthy :)


hulagirlatheart said...

Sounds divine. Truly, much and all.

Helen said...

You are making me want an iPod

oreneta said...

It is true, elP, but I am also careful. I bet we all do ourselves a lot of damage on flights trying to hear over the engine noise. I always feel battered by the end of a long flight, and it is the noise grrrriiiiindddding away.

Hula, it was, and is....got in an even longer walk today too! Lovely.

Helen, there are things to be said for them, especially if I can get the cable that lets me plug them into the car stereo so I can listen when I am driving next summer rather than suffer the juvenile diarrea that pretends to be morning radio. Intolerable.

Lets see how I do with Bleak House.