Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Am I the only one out there whose nose gets outrageously itchy when brushing their upper teeth with an electric toothbrush?

Heck, I'm getting Pavlovian enough that my nose will itch when I hear someone else brushing theirs.

I didn't organise my meals very well today, I ended up eating a not so filling breakfast...for a variety of long-story kind of reasons we ended up with an uncharacteristic box of all bran in the house.  Had it for breakfast with my tea and some skim milk.  Can I just say that this does not constitute a filling meal?

A little heavy on the fibre and a little low on the nutrients and calories.  Bad idea.

I was viciously hungry by 11:30, got a big sandwich - gorgeous pernil with a baguette and tomato...ohhhhhhh, and some peach juice.  LOVE it.

Well, then I was too full for lunch at lunchtime, so by the time I got home from work tonight at around 10:15 I was, once again, famished.

This is what I ate at around 10:30 pm:

Two slices of bread, one with homemade hummus (can you say garlic?  ohhhh, must have been half and half garlic and beans.  No vampires in my house tonight), bread with tomatoe smeared on and then the tomatoes as well. Peach juice again - can you see a trend forming here? - pernil (again), this time with melon over on the far left there....bought specifically for this purpose, salad and a clementine.

The only think worrying me is that I think I will get horrible indigestion if I go to bed now....but it is nearly midnight.

Bad planning.

To ovaltine or not to ovaltine, that is the question.  I think maybe ovaltine, I already may be toast with how much I ate, ovaltine cannot do much more harm.

I am turning into such an old bag, this will be the fourth night running that I will have a glass of warm ovaltine before bed.

Should have skipped the salad.  I think all would have been well otherwise.

Gonna see if I can get the man to get me up at 6:30 tomorrow morning, maybe I'll try and do a little yoga.  Sounds good now, see how I feel at 6:30.


I feel guilty posting this.  The man just let me know about what happened in Haiti.  What the heck am I complaining about.


J.G. said...

With that diet, you are likely have some very interesting dreams.

And you won't hear me whining about my cold anymore. Compared with the news from Haiti, not a single one of my so-called "problems" is even on the radar. How easy that is to forget.

Lynda said...

Well it is no wonder you were able to pull up a brillant word like 'raterali... that was too good.

Nothing like a natural disaster to make us feel guilty... until it drops off the CNN breaking news and they move onto something else. I recently saw some pictures from New Orleans and the Katrina mess..THAT IS STILL THERE! How can it be that there are still people living in temp housing after all this time? Whoops.. stepping down from my soap box now.

Word Verification Today: deref -- When the French are watching a football game, they like to throw croissants at deref.

oreneta said...

JG, weirdly I slept without any trouble at all! It is all to easy to get wrapped up in our lives and forget isn't it....

Lynda, you are so right about that. Interestingly JG who has commented above you was just in New Orleans and has posted a couple of times about it, might be interesting for you to look those up too.

and Lynda...deref....TOOOOOO funny...I laughed out loud at work and they all looked at me funny.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

New Orleans - yup, still a mess, except maybe the areas where the tourists go. Such a shame that the 'best' country on the planet can't even rebuild one of its' own cities. I fear Haiti will remain as it is now for a very long time. Truly a human catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. (hey, not bad typing for having a cat on my lap)

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

OH, I LOVE Clementines!!! Nature's perfect little snack.

oreneta said...

Doug, you're a scream....and so right. One of the great things about living here is how cheap and constantly available are the clementines, I buy about 50 every week at the market, they are ALWAYS finished......

Haiti, it's going to be a big fat mess for a very long time.

Say hi to the cat for me, m'kay?